The disclosure of the escape of senior Israeli officers from the battlefield with the resistance on October 7 – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, while new aspects of the scandal of the military and political organization of the Zionist regime in the Gaza war are revealed every day, the Hebrew media recently reported on the cowardly behavior of the Israeli army officers on October 7 (the day of the start of the Al-Aqsa storm operation) and their escape. They reported from the battlefield.

According to Al-Mayadeen and quoted by the Zionist media, Avi Weiss, a retired colonel of the Israeli army, revealed that the senior officers of the army behaved cowardly and ran away when the Battle of al-Aqsa began on October 7.

He clarified that the high-ranking officers of the Israeli army abandoned the men and women of the army and ran away, and this issue had a very bad effect on the morale of the Israelis and the internal front.

This army colonel of the occupying regime admitted to the self-immolation of the Zionist soldiers on October 7 and announced that 8 soldiers as well as a number of settlers were injured by the bullets of the Israeli army elements. For example, the soldiers mistakenly shot 2 employees of the electricity company, and this shows the level of chaos in the Israeli army.

In response to a question about whether he is sure of the truth of his information about the escape of Israeli army officers on October 7, he said, “I got this information from 2 senior officers and I also have other information from several sources that can confirm the truth of what he said. prove me

This is despite the fact that in the past few days there have been many news reports about the mass escape of Zionist soldiers and the disintegration of the Israeli army. A few days ago, Samir Fazl, an Arab reporter on the affairs of the Zionist regime, published an article and announced that about 2,000 members of the Zionist military, although they were summoned to participate in the Gaza war, refused to participate in the war and fled.

The Hebrew newspaper Yediot Aharanot also recently pointed out that a large number of soldiers of the Zionist regime refused to participate in the war and announced that the army of this regime has planned severe punishments for deserters.

In this regard, the Hebrew media announced that after nearly two months of the Gaza war, the army has decided to severely punish all those who refuse to join it. This is in the context that today we have two thousand defecting “soldiers” in the army, some of whom fled before the start of the Gaza war on October 7. Hundreds of reservists also refuse to join the operations.

This is while the biggest burden of the combat operations of the Zionist army is on the shoulders of the reserve forces and they must be ready at all times.

The reserve forces of the Israeli army bear the biggest burden of combat operations, as we have seen in recent years, a large percentage of them did not want to enter the war, and they always object to the conflicts that occur between the Israeli army and Palestinian groups. In addition, the gap between the regular forces and the reserve forces of the Zionist army is increasing and deepening, and one of the most important factors is the army’s emphasis on the use of advanced technology and reliance on air force and equipment, which destroys the motivation of the reserve forces. has taken.

These cases show that in any war, the Zionists cannot count on reserve forces, contrary to Israel’s security doctrine, and on the other hand, regular forces do not have enough power for a major confrontation.

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