The age of entering Farhangian University in 1403 entrance exam was changed – rahnam

According to the social reporter of rahnam news agency, the determination of the “age limit for entering Farhangian University” has always been raised as one of the issues contested by entrance exam candidates, and considering the benefits of this university, including military exemption for boys, student years are counted as years. Service, employment from the moment of entering the university and payment of salaries to student teachers, fans of studying in this university are many.

The Supreme Council of Education has also set a maximum age of 22 years to enter Farhangian University.

However, the Administrative Court of Justice voted to cancel the age requirement based on the complaint of one of the candidates to enter Farhangian University regarding the age limit set for entering this university.

While the decision of the General Board of the Court of Administrative Justice is mandatory for the institutions, Education and Education has again announced the age requirement of 22 years for the admission of student teachers through the special entrance exam of Farhangian University in this year’s entrance exam booklet!

In this connection, Reza Murad Sahrai, the Minister of Education, emphasizing that the maximum age for entering Farhangian University in 1403 entrance exam is 24 years old, said: In this year’s entrance exam and the last two years, the age requirement for entering Farhangian University was 24 years old, but it was approved by the Supreme Council of Education. And education has determined the age of 22 years, however, the education and training headquarters of the Supreme Council of the Revolution has determined the age of 22 years and announced it to be included in the exam booklet.

He added: After repeated calls from the entrance exam candidates, we had discussions with the secretary of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution and other people from the education and training headquarters, and finally this agreement was reached so that this year the entrance exam will be conducted as in previous years, and the maximum age to enter the entrance examination is 24 years. Farhangian University is 1403 in entrance exam.

The Minister of Education said: Candidates interested in participating in the education and training entrance exam, who have a maximum age of 24, should apply for Farhangian University in the entrance exam of 1403, and the age requirement of 22 years will be applied from the entrance exam of 1404.

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