Raisi: Countries should measure the level of their people’s support for the right of the Palestinian nation by holding a referendum – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam news agency, Ayatollah Seyed Ebrahim Raisi, in response to the phone call of Mr. Fumio Kishida, the Prime Minister of Japan, on Saturday evening, described and specified the relations between the two countries as good and historical and having diverse capacities for the development of cooperation, especially in the commercial and economic sectors. Kurd: The growing relations between Iran and Japan should continue strongly without being affected by the wishes of some ill-wishers.

In the continuation of this telephone conversation, the President addressed the issue of Gaza and the genocide of the Zionist usurper regime as the biggest human disaster in modern history, and emphasized the need to correctly explain the realities of the Palestinian and Gaza issue, to the 75 years of occupation, killing, destruction of homes and farms of the Palestinian nation. And turning Gaza into the world’s largest open prison, he pointed out and noted: Today, the correct decision of the authorities and heads of the countries of the world towards the Palestinian nation requires a detailed analysis of what has happened to this oppressed nation during these years and decades, and understanding this story and recognizing the truth. It is not a complicated and difficult task.

In this regard, Dr. Raisi suggested that different countries, including Japan, can directly observe the level of support for the right of the Palestinian nation by holding a referendum of their people; Although Western countries are very afraid of holding such a referendum.

The president further pointed to the role of the United States as the originator of crimes and the main supporter of the Zionist regime’s war machine against the defenseless people of Gaza and added: The Zionist regime, with the direct support of the United States and by violating more than 400 international resolutions since the beginning of the Gaza war, is equivalent to 7 atomic bombs on the scale of the Hiroshima crime were dropped on the people of Gaza, while the Americans brazenly invite other countries to exercise restraint in the face of these crimes, so that the fake Zionist regime can safely continue its crimes and genocide.

Dr. Raisi stated: We believe that the silence and inaction of the authorities and rulers of the world will cause the Zionist child-killing rulers to become more aggressive, and it is necessary for different countries, including Japan, with their diplomatic efforts to seriously focus on four important and prioritized issues: stopping the bombing, providing aid to the people of Gaza, Encircle this area and pursue the rights of the Palestinian people.

In another part of this conversation, the president called the recent statement of some European countries about the nuclear activities of the Islamic Republic of Iran as hypocritical and emphasized: The question is which international organization supervises the nuclear activities of the Zionist regime and which organization gives this regime permission to have warheads. Did he give the atom with which the people of Gaza are being threatened today?

In this telephone conversation, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, while appreciating the President’s position regarding the developments in Gaza, expressed concern about the occurrence of a humanitarian crisis in this region and stressed the need to try to stop attacks on civilians and send humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza.

The Prime Minister of Japan also described Iran-Japan relations as friendly and historic and expressed his country’s interest in developing relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran in various sectors.

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