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According to the cultural reporter of rahnam news agency, “Hosseiniyeh Moali” is a program that was aired on the Three Cima channel, coinciding with the first night of mourning in the month of Muharram, with the presence of worshipers, veterans and old men of the country’s religious delegations. An interesting point to note is that with the 7-day broadcast of this program on Amari TV, more than one million and 200 thousand views were recorded.

The statistics continued to be amazing in the following seasons and the audience welcomed this programming environment. This reception of the audience was so much noticed by the program makers and TV operators that this year, during the holy month of Ramadan, the Quranic “Mahfel” was added to the product portfolio of religious TV programs.

For the first time, “Hosseini Moali” went on the air with Saeed Haddadian, Seyyed Majid Bani Fatemeh, Mohammad Samimi and Mehdi Rasouli among the praisers and poets of Ahl al-Bayt (PBUH). But “Hosseinieh Moali” gradually found a different atmosphere with the change of the hosts and the addition of Haj Ahmad Waazi and Abdul Reza Helali as well as Hojatul Islam Mustafa Karmi.

Hamed Soltani was the first presenter of this program and in the following seasons he gave his place to Ahmed Akbarnejad and finally Najmuddin Shariati took this responsibility in the last season. The composition of the hosts of the program was also changed and it was interesting. Mehdi Rasouli, who was with this program since the first days of “Hosseinieh Moali”, continued to appear; Sidmjid Bani Fatemeh returned again and Abdolreza Helali remained from last season, but this time Maisham Matiei came to “Hosseinieh Moali” and his presence in this composition led to interesting events.

Now the “Hosseinieh Moali” group is preparing to start again to make Shabaniyeh specials these days. Follow-ups by rahnam reporter show that Saeed Sotudegan and his colleagues are in the pre-production of the new series “Hosseinieh Moali” to prepare for the month of Sha’ban. From the first of Sha’ban to the eve of the birth of Imam Zaman (AS), 13 programs of celebration and happiness will be prepared. Najmuddin Shariati is going to perform in this season as well, but at the moment it is not possible to say anything about other details, including the composition of the hosts or well-known speakers of the program.

The production of the new series will start from January, and it is also supposed to reach Hosseini Moali in the season after the month of Shaban, especially for the Muharram days.

However, regarding the reception of “Hosseinieh Moali” by the audience, we can refer to the recent statements of Mohsen Shakrinejad, head of Sedavasima Research Center, and Mohsen Barmahani, vice president of Sema, who gave this program the title of the most popular educational program in the history of television. He said: “Hosseini Moali” has broken all records related to religious programs and has gained more audience than even entertainment programs.

Mohsen Barmahani, Vice President of Sima, also said about this: This program was the most popular confidential program in the history of Sedavasima and it was a great achievement.

Seyyed Ali Mousavi, director general of the audience measurement of the research center, noted: Based on several measurements that were conducted during and after the broadcast of the program, “Hosseinieh Moali” is considered one of the most watched programs of the organization and the most popular educational program in the history of the radio.

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