Mousavi: Narratives like the Zangzor Corridor will not be implemented/The Aras Road project emphasized by the leaders of Tehran and Baku – rahnam

According to the report of the international group of rahnam news agency, quoted by Azar Qalam, Seyyed Abbas Mousavi, Iran’s ambassador to the Republic of Azerbaijan, stated that we are witnessing a new chapter in the relations between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan, and said that the government wants the comprehensive development of relations and the implementation of the agreement. The corridor is Aras Road

Mousavi added: “Today we are facing a new Caucasus and we must try to play an active role in this new environment that will turn the South Caucasus into a transit and commercial bottleneck of the world.”
The Iranian ambassador continued: After the complete annexation of Karabagh to the territory of Azerbaijan, various narratives of peace and the creation of a ceasefire in the Caucasus will be put forward, and in the meantime, Western countries were trying to pursue the issue of removing Iran from the equations of this region based on their false narratives, but With the series of measures that were taken at different levels, this discussion is off the agenda.
He said that with the regional and international reactions that we are witnessing, everyone acknowledges that narratives like the narrative of the Zangzor Corridor cannot be implemented, he said: In this context, the agreement between the two countries to establish the Aras Road Corridor is a great opportunity. It is that we should have a national and even international perspective for its implementation and create the maximum internal theoretical and operational consensus at different national and regional levels.

The ambassador of Iran in the Republic of Azerbaijan called the Aras Road Corridor as emphasized by the leaders of the system and reminded: the leaders of the two countries have emphasized the implementation of the agreement on the establishment of the Aras Road Corridor in recent meetings, and the President of Azerbaijan ordered the allocation of 8 million dollars for the implementation of the bridge project. Aghband- Kalaleh has been issued and the rail connection will be done in the future with the investment of 500 million dollars of Azerbaijan.

He stated that in his recent trips to Ardabil and East Azarbaijan provinces, he met with most of the elders and senior officials of these two provinces, and expressed: Today, we must pay attention to every voice that is raised in the direction of differences and separation between the two countries of Iran and Azerbaijan. It is not friendly and it is not benevolent and we should use the opportunities created to maximize joint cooperation with the government and people of Azerbaijan. The

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