Moslaipour: Yazdani and Emami’s match had suspicious scenes/ Did someone attack the referee in the case of Belgrade’s blunder? – rahnam

In an interview with rahnam news agency’s sports reporter, Mohammad Moslaipour said about the Azad and Ferangi Premier League finals that were held in Ahvaz and Tehran in the past few days: First of all, I must thank all the referees who were present in the Ferangi and Azad league finals for their good judgment. Yesterday, after several years, we saw an attractive competition with a huge crowd in Shahada Hall on the 7th of Tir, and it was very beautiful. For me as a referee, it was a real pleasure to have a match in front of so many wrestling fans. Thanks to the organization of the league, wrestling federation and sponsors, wrestling came to life again with the presence of many spectators. In the past years, we did not see such a final, while usually the champions were already known, but this time no one knew which team would win until the last moment.

He clarified about the judgments of the Azad and Farangi Premier League finals: neither in the Farangi nor Azad finals, we had any refereeing problems and there were no doubts. use it The fact that a coach did not do this does not make the referee’s performance questionable. We voted according to the document and law book of the World Union and no one can criticize. As far as I could see there was no problem.

Regarding the controversial fight of Yunus Emami and Russian Magumdarsol Gadzhi Magmadov in the 74 kg weight class, the instructor of the World Union said: “There were one or two suspicious scenes in Amir Mohammad Yazdani’s wrestling match with a Russian opponent, which was not called for a challenge, and one in the fight of Yunus Emami with another Russian wrestler who is here. They did not challenge either. I haven’t had a chance to review the movie yet. Because they didn’t ask for a challenge, I can’t say for sure if there was a refereeing error in this suspicious scene or not, if we watch the movie, I can give a more correct opinion.

Moslaipour reminded: the important issue is that in all competitions, even at the Olympic and world level, gross refereeing mistakes may occur, but here we really did not make a refereeing mistake. I do not intend to defend the judges and cover up. I emphasize that there were some questionable scenes in these two fights, which is not so easy to judge, because as a judge, I say that something happens in a hundredth of a second, so it is difficult to make the right decision in that questionable scene. On the other hand, they have considered the challenge so that if the referee makes a mistake, the coach can protest.

Pointing out that protesting and disrespecting the refereeing team is becoming an epidemic in Iranian wrestling, he said about the fact that the refereeing team announced in the very first fight that if the disrespecting continued, they would withdraw from the judging of the finals, he said: “The judging is excellent and It was one of the most flawless finals of the Premier League, but we witnessed disrespect to the refereeing team from both groups. They came to the jury table both from Shahr Bank and from Hooten at the end of the competition. These are not defined in Ship World.

Mosalaipour stated: The same 87 kg weight final wrestler in which the Hungarian wrestler gave a technical blow to the Turkish opponent, but the referee did not get it, the Hungarians have Peter Pacha on the board of the World Union, who was also present there, but they did not show the slightest reaction to this gross mistake and later When they went to their country, they wrote to the World Union and announced their protest, the union also investigated and decided to distribute two golds in this weight. For anyone to come to the jury table and show disrespect for the sake of one point, even if he is not a referee expert and does not have the knowledge to do this, it is not in the dignity of our refereeing nor in the dignity of the wrestling federation.

He continued: The wrestling federation must stop these anomalies and immorality. These collisions provoke both the audience and the wrestler’s concentration. Unfortunately, we see that these indisciplines have harmed our national team and resulted in monetary crimes against us. Like throwing a bottle on the mattress, we should not let it become a habit. If these indisciplines are prevented in the domestic competitions and we see serious dealings with the violators, the coach will get used to fully complying with the rules abroad and not be fined. Here, however, we skip a lot of things, while abroad there are no compliments and violations always result in exclusion and fines.

The head of the referees’ commission of the wrestling federation said: Why do we take revenge before the crime, the videos can be reviewed, as we respect the officials and coaches of the teams, they should also respect the refereeing group. I am not saying this because I am in charge of the arbitration commission, but we have now returned to the peak period of our arbitration, which was the period of the late Khalidi, Abbas Namazian and Azimi, and perhaps we have even surpassed that period. I don’t care that they don’t count us, but in important world competitions, our judges sit on the jury and make important judgments. They accept us abroad, but inside the country they attack us like this because of one point or one white vote.

Moslaipour, who is very upset about the disrespect to the referee, said: “Internal support is also a very important condition, we ourselves are getting discouraged because we are looking so hard to hold seminars and classes, etc., but in the end we see such encounters. I think that I might be one more Olympian and then move on to my life. In Serbia, we witnessed a very serious refereeing error, but was the referee attacked? Now the world does not like this kind of behavior and these interactions ruin the face of the ship.

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