Iran became one of the 7 countries producing “vaccine refrigerator” – rahnam

According to the social reporter of rahnam News Agency, Parsa Daneshvar; Daneshbanian CEO of the knowledge-based company “Yekta Equipment Equipment Initiative” during the presence of journalists in the scientific and technological tour of the vice president’s science and technology and knowledge-based economy in Mazandaran province said: This company is in the field of medical equipment production, specifically blood bank equipment and medicine storage refrigerators and The vaccine works. Our knowledge-based products are vaccine storage refrigerators, which were produced for the first time in the country, and a total of seven countries produce vaccine refrigerators.

Daneshvar said: America, England, Luxembourg, Denmark, China, India and Iran are seven countries that produce these refrigerators. The vaccine is a product that is very sensitive to heat, and if there is a power outage or the compressors of the refrigerator fail, the vaccines must remain at a constant temperature for at least 4 hours before being moved.

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He added: We were given the proposal to build a vaccine refrigerator by Mazandaran Medical Sciences and its Research Deputy. At that time, we were only producing medicine refrigerators, when we thought of making a vaccine refrigerator, and the technology we came up with is 70-80% similar to the American temparmour technology. Last year, after the end of Corona, the World Health Organization gave a number of vaccine refrigerators to the country, while today we have reached its full technology.

In response to the question about the production capacity of this company, Daneshvar said: Our production capacity was 200 medical refrigerators, and today we received an order for 700 vaccine refrigerators, which we can deliver within three months, and our only big problem is manpower. Is.

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