Implementation of even and odd plan from tomorrow until the weekend/ implementation of the plan is not at home – rahnam

According to the social reporter of rahnam news agency, Colonel Seyyed Abulfazl Mousavipour, the head of the capital’s highway police, said on the television program “Tehran 20” tonight, December 11, 1402: From tomorrow to Thursday, the traffic of cars will be implemented on the basis of couples and individuals within the scope of the air pollution plan. .

Colonel Seyyed Abulfazl Mousavipour said regarding this news: During these four days and until the end of the week, the traffic will be based on the last number of the license plates of the vehicles.

He added: According to the approvals of the air pollution committee of Tehran city, tomorrow and Sunday, only cars with odd license plates will be able to travel in this area, and on Monday, cars with even number plates will have the right to travel, and this plan will be implemented until the end of Wednesday.

Greater Tehran traffic police chief said: By strengthening and deploying more teams of Greater Tehran traffic police in the declared areas, this plan will be implemented seriously and violators will be dealt with.

He announced: Until today, 6 thousand cars that had a technical inspection certificate, but were emitting smoke and polluting the air, their technical inspection was canceled and they were again sent to the relevant centers to get a technical inspection, which will be repeated from tomorrow and in the future, if a car with It is a technical inspection sheet, but if my colleagues see that it emits smoke or pollutes the air, legal action will be taken against these cars.

Col. Mousavipour said: “Today, in Tehran’s air pollution emergency committee, the plan to ban and limit the entry of trucks into Tehran was also examined, and good decisions were taken for it, which will be announced later.”

He stated: The implementation of this plan is not carried out at the door of houses and it will be implemented only within the scope of the former couple and individual plan or the current air pollution plan and will continue until Thursday.

The head of the Tehran Traffic Police said: Riders and owners of motorcycles should keep in mind that if their vehicle emits smoke, they will also be dealt with according to the law and prevented from driving.

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