How much did the price of currencies drop in the currency/dollar exchange center? – rahnam

According to the economic reporter of rahnam news agency, in today’s transactions (Saturday, December 11, 1402), each US dollar bill decreased to 41,982 tomans compared to the previous working day, and the dollar remittance rate also decreased to 38,166. Toman has arrived.

The price of each euro note in the Iranian exchange center has also decreased to 45 thousand 676 tomans and the remittance rate of euro has also reached 41 thousand 524 tomans.

On the other hand, the UAE dirham banknote is valued at 11,431 Tomans with a price decrease compared to the previous working day, and the remittance rate of dirham is 10,392 Tomans.

Update: Saturday, December 11, 9:00


current price (tomans)

dollar price (bill)

41 thousand 982

dollar price (remittance)

38 thousand 166

Euro price (banknote)

45 thousand 676

Euro price (remittance)

41 thousand 524

Dirham price (banknote)

11 thousand 431

Price in dirhams (remittance)

10 thousand 392

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