How kindergartens operate during air pollution holidays – rahnam

According to the social group of rahnam News Agency, following the closure of elementary schools and kindergartens due to air pollution, the National Organization for Child Education announced:

According to the decision of the air pollution emergency committee, on Saturday, December 11, kindergartens in Tehran province were closed in two shifts, in the morning and in the evening, except for Firozkoh, Damavand and parts of Rudbar Qasran, and the classes are conducted virtually and in a happy environment.

According to article (41) of the guidelines for organizing and managing the executive affairs of kindergartens, face-to-face, non-face-to-face and combined trainings in the red state (air pollution) are as follows:

Article 41: In accordance with the executive regulations of Note 3 of Article 3 of the Clean Air Law, all kindergartens (kindergartens and preschool centers) must be closed in the red state.

In this situation, in order to serve working parents, especially those working in public service fields, kindergartens can, upon their request and with permission from the district/region and city education department, only accept the children of these parents without charging an additional fee.

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