Hostage taking in Shiraz Correspondent Street/ a hostage and a hostage taker were killed + video – rahnam

According to a reporter of rahnam news agency from Shiraz, an hour ago a case of hostage taking was reported to the Shiraz Police Center on Correspondent Street in Shiraz.

With the arrival of the operative teams for the release of the hostages of the Fars provincial police, the officers managed to free the hostage (a woman) and arrest one of the hostage takers after shooting.

Another hostage-taker was also killed in this conflict. Also, a young boy who was with the hostage’s daughter was killed by the hostage-takers’ gunfire.

Fars police commander’s explanation of the conflict with the hostage takers

Sergeant “Rahambakhsh Habibi”, police commander of Fars province, stated: Following a case of kidnapping on Shiraz reporter street and the escape of the hostage takers, the police immediately identified and arrested them.

He added: “In the initial investigations at the crime scene, the police officers learned that a Samand ride with 3 passengers kidnapped a young boy and a girl who were walking on the street at gunpoint and fled to an unknown place.”

The police commander of the province continued: The containment plan was immediately implemented and the police officers were informed with technical measures that the kidnappers’ car was traveling on the Shiraz-Kazron axis.

Sardar Habibi said: The operational teams of the public security and awareness police of the province, the police officers of Shiraz, Kohchenar and Kazeroon cities, after coordinating with the judicial authority, quickly dispatched to the mentioned axis and ordered the above car to be stopped, when the driver opened fire at the police officers. attempted to escape.

This senior police official stated that the kidnappers killed one of the hostages (a boy) by shooting a gun, and said: After a long chase in a cross-fire in compliance with the law on the use of weapons, one of the hostages was injured and another of his accomplices was injured. also perishes.

The police commander of the province pointed out that the hostage was safe and free and returned to the family home, and said: One of the hostage takers (the third person) also fled to the surrounding mountains, and the efforts to arrest him continue seriously.

Stating that the reason for the hostage taking was family disputes, he clarified: In the search of the accused’s car, a Colt gun, 2 knives and 6 mobile devices were discovered.

Habibi said: “The police, based on the good coordination of the judicial authorities, have no compunction with anyone regarding the safety of the people, and they will deal decisively with the people who attack the lives, property, reputation, honor and dignity of the citizens.”

It should be mentioned that in this mission, the police commander of the province directly led the operation with air cover.


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