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According to rahnam news agency MashhadHojjatiyeh Association is considered one of the deviant currents that claims to be closed in 1362 and does not do any activities, but the examination of historical documents shows; After announcing its closure, the association has done all its activities secretly and has been able to train anti-revolutionary religious forces. It is interesting to note that the constitution of the Hojjatiyah Association states that the association will not be closed until the advent of Imam Zaman (A.S.) and only its working method will change. Accordingly, the Strategic Institute for Legal Studies, as a specialized center for criticizing differences, religions and deviant movements in Mashhad, gathered together a group of cultural activists and those concerned in this area, and revealed some facts about the Hojjatiye Association.

Hojjatiyeh’s way of fighting with Baha’i was wrong!

Hamidreza Esmaili, a writer and researcher of contemporary history, stated: Basically, Baha’i is a political organization that has a changing political ideology and changes according to the time, its methods and methods.

He added: “The method of the Hojjatiyah Association to fight against the Baha’is was wrong, because the Baha’is are a political organization and verbal discussion with them is useless because they do not believe.”

The author of the book of the year of the Islamic Republic said in this meeting: the messages of the House of Justice are the text of the religion for the Baha’is, and like the words of Hossein Ali Nouri, they have a special place among the Baha’is.

Ismaili clarified: Baha’i ideology is “to reach power” or “maintain the existing powers”, so it takes every action in this direction.

The contemporary history researcher pointed out: The Islamic Revolution dealt the biggest blow to the Baha’i body, and if it wasn’t for Imam Rahal’s measures, Baha’i would have become official and its goal of forming the Baha’i government and reaching power would have been realized.

From being oppressed to being proud of the approval of references

Hojjat-ul-Islam Reza Akbari Ahangar, researcher and researcher of contemporary history, pointing out that Anjumanis have always taken a posture of oppressors throughout history, stated: In a statement in 1360, the Anjumani shows oppressors like this: “We tried to be indifferent to rumors, in the past Tablighi We didn’t do it on our own and we didn’t know any name and title other than serving in front of Imam Asr, we didn’t try to defend ourselves…”

He clarified: This claim was made while the association defended itself in numerous documents and even debated with its opponents many times.

The researcher and researcher of the Hojjatiyeh Association said: The main reason for the imitation authorities for some religious confirmations to the association before and after the revolution was their struggle with Baha’ism. They gave a series of permits to the Hojjatiye Association.

Akbari Ahangar, while presenting documents, went to the confirmations of the references and by examining their contents, he concluded that these confirmations cannot be the claim of the association that the references are unquestionably approved. Because these approvals were only an aspect of allowing possession of Sharia funds and did not imply the approval of all the behaviors of the association.

He added: Some authorities, such as Imam Khomeini, withdrew their permission after a while, and imitation authorities such as Ayatollah Behjat never approved the Hojjatiyah Association.

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