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According to the social group of rahnam News Agency, the General Inspection Organization of the country entered into the issue of tea import based on its inherent duties and has examined the performance of the devices related to tea import from 2018 to the end of last year.

Investigations by the Inspection Organization indicate that the total foreign exchange received by a certain company from 2018 to 2018 (in the form of importing tea and machinery) was equal to 3.370 million dollars, of which about 1 billion 472 million dollars of foreign exchange was provided for machinery. And the rest was for importing tea.

By examining the performance of the mentioned group in currency transfer and tea import, many malpractices were identified and finally the inspection organization filed a case for that business group due to non-payment of foreign exchange obligations.

The case of the devices that had allocated foreign currency to this company is also being sent to the General and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office of Tehran due to the verification of some violations.

Currently, another part of this case is being processed in the special court for dealing with economic crimes.

In this regard, Zabihullah Khodaian; The head of the country’s general inspection organization explained the results of this organization’s investigation into the issue of “imports of tea and related machinery to the country during the last three years and non-fulfillment of foreign exchange obligations by an importing business group” and stating that the amount of tea required by the country is about 100 thousand tons per year, of which about 70% is imported, he said: while nearly a hundred manufacturing and trading companies are engaged in importing tea; But most of the imports are done by a specific business group.

He added: From the beginning of 1398 to the end of 1401, this business group received about 3 billion and 370 million dollars in foreign currency for the import of tea and advanced printing and packaging machinery, and during this period, 79% of the foreign currency allocated for tea import. , has been assigned to this business group.

The head of the inspection organization stated: In 1401, the total currency provided for the import of tea was about 1 billion 396 million dollars, of which 1 billion 101 million dollars was allocated to this group.

Khodaian stated that the aforementioned business group has not fulfilled its obligations for one billion and 400 million dollars of its received currencies and has not imported any goods into the country, and continued: According to the follow-ups, it was found that part of the currencies received by this group , has been sold in the open market for higher amounts. It is important to mention that in addition to the mentioned amount (one billion and 400 million dollars), the deadline for the remaining currencies received by this group is also coming to an end, and the amount of uncommitted currency in the field of tea import for this company is close to 2 billion dollars. can be increased

Khodaian told the import department of machinery related to this business group: in addition to the foreign currency provided for the import of tea, as much as one billion and 472 million dollars were allocated to this business group during the years 1398 to 1401 for the import of related machinery. The obligations of this company will be added and upon the expiry of the legal deadline, it will be added to the amount of expired unsolved obligations.

Referring to the violation of the company in registering the order of first-class foreign tea and the import of Kenyan and second-class Iranian tea for export, he said: while this group has registered the order of first-class Indian tea called Darjeeling at a value of 14 dollars per kilo. but in practice, he imported Kenyan tea and Iran’s second-grade export tea worth about $2, and the Food and Drug Organization also confirmed the quality of the imported teas in a systematic way with samples obtained in coordination with the customs appraiser. has done.

The head of the inspection organization stated another violation of the company in the way of clearance of goods and stated: the route that was considered in the customs for the clearance of the goods of this group was mainly the “green route”, which means that only through the system, the ticks of the item It has been commented and as a result the goods have been cleared and entered the country; While the import of tea requires inquiries from other institutions to confirm the quality, and as a rule, according to the regulations, the import of this product should be done either through the yellow or red route.

The head of the inspection organization clarified: the import of tea and machinery of this business group required the order registration and approval of the Ministry of Peace, Jihad of Agriculture and the Central Bank. Confirmation of the country’s needs and as soon as it is sent to the central bank, the necessary allocation has been made; While for other applicant companies, conditions such as previous import history and… were used as criteria for approval, and according to some importers, sometimes none of their requested orders were approved.

According to the repeated emphasis of the head of the judiciary to deal with the person who took the currency and did not spend it in the right place, as well as the inquiry from the institution that paid the currency, Khodaian announced the referral of the case to the prosecutor’s office and said: Violations of managers from various institutions, including the Ministry of Jihad, Agriculture, Ministry of Security, Customs, Standards and some banks, a special report has been prepared by the inspection organization and is being sent to the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Economic Crimes.

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