Cancellation of all holidays in the Israeli army/Zionist commanders are worried about the non-return of soldiers – rahnam

According to the Hebrew group of the rahnam news agency, the military affairs expert of Yediot Aharanot newspaper admitted on his X page that at the request of the senior commanders of the Israeli army, this army has suspended all leave for its soldiers and officers active in the Gaza Strip. Because there is a fear that these soldiers will not return to their units after going on leave.

According to Yehoshua, this decision has been taken while some soldiers have not gone on leave since 60 days ago, and for this reason, they have been given the opportunity to visit their families inside some military bases so that they are not allowed to leave the military environment.

One of the users of this platform wrote in a comment: This means that the Israeli army is worried about the desertion of its soldiers during the war.

This news is announced while some Hebrew-language media are reporting high casualties of the Israeli army in the second round of its ground attack on the Gaza Strip, while the Zionist army says some of these casualties were killed by insider fire to the family. The military announces.

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