Aiming to create 150,000 home jobs by the end of the year – rahnam

According to the economic correspondent of rahnam news agency, the importance of entrepreneurship and the need to pay attention to it in the development of countries and the role of home businesses in economic development as an entrepreneurial activity is proven and undeniable.

China was able to revive its economy after struggling with big problems including World War. but how? In this country, the role of home businesses in economic development is obvious to everyone.

In Australia, the role of home businesses in economic development is quite clear. One in three Australians regularly work from home.

Italy was one of the countries that was able to reduce the unemployment rate through home jobs. Until two decades ago, Italy faced an unemployment rate of 22%. But with the creation and development of home business plans, unemployment in this country reached below 12 percent.

In Iran, after the issue of resistance development was raised, one of the solutions to achieve this goal was to pay attention to home businesses and support this sector. But statistically, Iran still has a smaller share of home jobs than developed countries. So that this figure is between 9 and 11% in America, Australia and England, but in Iran, the statistics of employment at home is around 3-4%. In terms of the GDP index, which is an important index in measuring the economic progress of countries, only 2.2% of the GDP volume is allocated to the home business sector in Iran.

Mahmoud Karimi Biranvand, deputy of employment of the Ministry of Labor, stated that last year 100 thousand jobs were targeted from the home jobs plan and said: In practice, 103 thousand national codes were recorded for the home jobs plan last year. This figure actually included 10% of the jobs created last year.

He added: “This year, it is targeted to create 150,000 job opportunities through home jobs, and so far, 90,000 job opportunities have been created in eight months of this year.”

According to the Deputy Minister of Entrepreneurship Development, the Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare, it is expected that we will reach the target of 150 thousand job opportunities through home jobs by the end of the year.

Karimi Biranvand said about the resources needed to create home employment: the resources of this sector last year were 3 thousand billion tomans, which was predicted to increase by 33% to 4 thousand billion tomans this year, but as I said, because the performance of the home business plan until November is appropriate and the percentage of credit absorption was good, with the cooperation of the Central Bank, new credits were added and the credit limit for home businesses increased to 5 thousand billion tomans.

According to him, 65% of the resources for home businesses in the field of independent and support jobs have been attracted from the total credits considered for employment creation this year.

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