A clumsy attack on the opening of 40 kilometers of the Parand-rahnam metro line

According to the economic correspondent of rahnam News Agency, the newspaper of Jamuri-e-Islami wrote in its column for today’s information only; The national media announced on Thursday that the 40-kilometer Parand-Tehran metro was inaugurated with the presence of the president. The distance between Parand and Tehran is 20 km, and for this reason, the question has been raised, where did the other 20 km come from? Maybe the answer is that this metro line was opened twice in one day, once from Parand to Tehran and once from Tehran to Parand.

At the same time, Ayatollah Raisi reminded at the opening ceremony of Parand Metro: We promised in December of last year that Parand Metro will be put into operation within a year. This year, the subway was opened more than promised; 20 kilometers of metro were supposed to be opened in one line, but now 40 kilometers were opened in 2 lines.

He stated that the development of transportation is one of the necessities of development in any region, and added: Today, the government, the Ministry of Roads, the municipality and all other institutions seek to facilitate people’s lives and remove obstacles and problems, and the report of the mayor of Tehran about the actions of this institution for the development of the metro And public transportation facilities are also appreciated.

Emphasizing that the development of road, rail and air transportation infrastructure is one of the main policies and agendas of the popular government, he stated: the government has not stopped trying to develop the country despite all the sanctions and pressures, and we are determined to move the country’s progress train fast. taken and continued. The enemy is trying to stop the progress of Islamic Iran, but it will not succeed against a strong-willed nation that is determined to progress.

According to rahnam, there are two possibilities for the columnist of the Islamic Republic newspaper; One is that it seems that the person in question is not careful enough regarding the construction of subway lines. There is also a possibility that he wrote these materials with the knowledge of this issue in order to destroy the achievements of the government.

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