20% reduction in housing prices in Tehran/ Plumbing 20 delinquent real estate companies per week – rahnam

Hossein Jannati, in an interview with the economic reporter of rahnam news agency, said: since the beginning of the implementation of the project to monitor the performance of real estate companies in Tehran province, until today, housing prices have decreased by an average of 20%.

He added: For example, in the new city of Pardis, in the first week of dealing with the offending companies, the price of housing decreased by more than 25%.

He stated: At least 20% price reduction has been registered in Tehran province. This price reduction has occurred in two stages of the implementation of the plan to deal with illegal and illegal real estate companies in the province.

The Director General of Roads and Urban Development of Tehran province, announcing that every week about 20 violators are sealed in Tehran province, said: these companies have two types of violations; One is that the companies do not have a license to operate. The second case of violation is also related to companies that have a license to operate, but due to violations such as receiving a commission higher than the approved rates and not issuing an interception code, they are dealt with and sealed.

According to rahnam, the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, in cooperation with government agencies, has implemented the plan to organize real estate consultants throughout the country from this summer until now. According to the Minister of Roads and Urban Development, the result of implementing this project and dealing with the offending companies was a 20-30% reduction in housing prices.

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