The first destroyer of IRGC Navy will be operational by the end of the year – rahnam

According to the defense correspondent of the rahnam news agency, the first destroyer of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy, named Martyr Sayad Shirazi, will join the combat unit of this force by the end of this year.

Admiral Daoud Qolizadeh, the head of the destroyer group of the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Support, announced this news and said that this destroyer is undergoing the final stages of its construction and is scheduled to be unveiled by the end of this year.

The IRGC Navy is the main responsible for the protection of the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, and in recent years, presence in distant and international waters has also been added to the plans of this force.

Before this, IRGC Navy had a plan to build Shahid Soleimani class vessels (the first vessels equipped with vertical launch missiles), one of which was operational last year, and other vessels of this vessel are also being built.

By equipping the IRGC Navy with destroyers, the mission area of ​​this force and its ability to be present in distant waters will also increase.

Admiral Qolizadeh also announced the plan to equip the Dilmian destroyer (the newest destroyer of the Navy in the Mazandaran Sea) with Nawab vertical launch defense missiles and said: The Dilmian destroyer is more advanced than other examples of the Wave class, and the most important of these changes is in the area of ​​propulsion. Telecommunication, radar and combat equipment.

Dillman destroyer, the fifth product of the Moj class, was unveiled and operated in the North Sea on December 6.

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