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According to the cultural correspondent of rahnam news agency, the celebration of textbook paper self-sufficiency started this morning, Friday, the 10th of December, with the presence of the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance and a group of managers of this ministry and managers of Mazandaran province at Mazandaran wood and paper factory in Sari.


At the beginning of this ceremony, the CEO of Mazandaran Wood and Paper Factory, in a speech referring to this great event in the 13th government, said: Our achievement in the government and this collection is that this year 155 million volumes of students’ textbooks with paper and cardboard and Iranian content Is produced.

Niknejad stated that the implementation of this issue was a difficult process that began two years ago in December 1400 when the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance visited Mazandaran wood and paper collection, he said: I promised in this meeting that while paper production Tahrir was around 4,500 tons, it will increase and in 1401 our production reached 44,000 and this year it will reach 55,000 tons by the end of the year.

He added: Printing and writing paper is not a profitable product compared to other products, but with 600 million dollars of equipment, an effort was made to provide this product needed by the country.

Niknejad stated that the strategic obstacle in the field of culture today is in the production of content and paper and planning for a strategic obstacle. which is needed by the country, in this area Hazrat Agha said that I have emphasized for years and there was no effort, in the meantime, our duty as agents of the Islamic system in this headquarters is to make efforts to provide the goods needed by the country.

According to him, to produce writing paper, we need at least 13 raw materials and chemicals. For years, another product was produced with waste paper, but we took the hard work and heard a lot. This two-year process was difficult, but we believed that Let’s take this burden off the shoulders of the country.

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Niknejad stated that today I testify that due to the efforts of my colleagues, a path has been opened that is irreversible and has helped all those who enter this field, soon other paper mills will reach the production circuit and the bitterness and hard work of our colleagues with the help of the government It will continue.

He also added: “We now have another 30,000 tons of capacity, which is unused. We had a power outage for three months in the summer, and we were 20,000 tons behind in paper production in these three months, in order to prevent the departure of 100 billion dollars of foreign currency from the country to import paper.” do.

He continued: If our problems in the energy sector and equipment updating are solved, I promise that the production amount will reach 85 thousand tons, and in this case, we will meet half of the country’s needs on our own.

Niknejad also said: In the field of production, the field for managers is not as open as you think, and we have problems such as the supply of raw materials, water, electricity, and gas, etc., but we, as the first line soldiers of the country’s economic front, to the 13th government and Hazrat Agha We promise to restore part of the country’s needs in this industrial unit.

We do not look at Mazandaran wood and paper factory as profit or loss

Furthermore, the Managing Director of the National Bank of Iran said in a speech at the ceremony: “Unfortunately, in the past years, the country’s internal capacities and potentials were not given the necessary attention, but with the support of the president, the ministers of the 13th government, and… we reached suitable conditions within two years.” Until now, the equipment, machinery and skilled manpower did not have the necessary output and many workers were unemployed, with the emphasis of the president and the first vice president, the interaction and support of all dear ones, especially the minister of guidance. We were able to boost the factory, which is commendable.

Abolfazl Najarzadeh continued: We do not have a profit or loss view of this collection, our view is a sovereign view. From the first day, our view is a special emphasis on production and employment, and we have done and supported everything we could. In the last two years, we used all the conditions to bring production back to real conditions.


Referring to the existing problems in the development of Mazandaran wood and paper factory, he said: We tried to solve the problems and production problems, but some of the problems are not financial, they are problems that must be solved through interaction and cooperation.

Referring to the initial stock offering of Mazandaran wood and paper factory in the stock exchange, Najarzadeh said: “Since last year, we have been planning to transfer the shares of Mazandaran wood and paper company. We will carry out the initial supply of a part of the shares with the interaction we have with the stock exchange organization. . But this issue is not contrary to the interaction that National Bank has had and will have. We will take this action in order to provide new financing for this collection in order to develop the collection.

Mazandaran wood and paper factory was in the stage of complete collapse


The Governor of Mazandaran also said in this meeting: In the crisis that occurred for paper in the country in 1996 and 1997, unfortunately, attention was not paid to the issue of paper production, but attention was paid to its import to the extent that the government currency was allocated and domestic paper production took root. became. As a result, when the government added paper to the list of essential goods, profiteers started hoarding paper.
Seyyed Mahmoud Hosseinipour considered problem solving as one of the characteristics of this government and said: In this government, more than 97 stagnant government units have been solved in Mazandaran province alone. Mazandaran paper factory was on the verge of complete collapse, but with the personal supervision of the president, the minister of guidance, and with the support of the National Bank and the workers of this complex, we were able to keep this complex intact.

The 13th government started with the production of less than 5 thousand tons of paper

The Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance also thanked the workers and management of Mazandaran wood and paper complex in this ceremony and said: “They acted as a jihadist during this period of their responsibility. Two years ago, when we examined and studied the background of the work, perhaps we saw a very clear horizon. We did not see ahead, but today we stand at a point where all 155 million book volumes with all additions and requirements have occurred in this collection.

Mohammad Mehdi Esmaili added: Of course, we are not only in the field of textbooks. In 1400, when I was preparing the program to attend Ershad, Mr. Nili suggested that we include the topic of nationalization of the publishing industry in the program.

Esmaili stated that when we reviewed the state of the publishing industry, domestic paper production was less than five thousand tons, and continued: In this field, the need for education and training was about 50 thousand tons, and other areas between 30 and 40 thousand tons.

Referring to the president’s visit to the wood and paper factory in Mazandaran, he said: When he was in the judiciary, he visited this complex and conveyed his concern to us. In the 13th government, a paper and publishing working group was formed under the supervision of the first vice president. and he came to work in a jihadist manner, along with that, various ministers and groups also worked to achieve the result.

The Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance continued: In the field of paper, we do not consider production to be only a technical and industrial issue, today paper production has become one of the most important symbols of our identity. Industrial, security and defense is the product of the cultural view of the revolution.


According to Ismaili, today you see the brilliance of the revolution in different fields, our government is the government of Sadiq al-Waad, I presented this point two years ago in the book week during Friday prayers and my colleagues were worried if this problem could be solved in two years. did I said sure and the obstacles were removed.

Esmaili clarified: In the field of paper, a horizon has been drawn, our country must become an important exporter and we must cover the region as well. The government itself started consumer culture from the Ministry of Education, the government made this issue its task and printed all the textbooks with domestic paper. I invite all publishers to use internal paper.

The minister of guidance continued: I want the people of the publishing house and members of the press to stand firm on Iranian paper, my friends also want the quality of their work and they will improve it. If there was an economic thought in these collections, the production of paper might not have much economic justification, but the most important gain is giving lip service to the leadership. During the visit of the book fair, there were few stalls where the publisher and author complained and they did not mention the paper, and we Today, we are happy that we took these first steps with the efforts of your dear ones, and God willing, we will continue it.

Pointing out that all relevant officials are working day and night, he said: the most important foundation is the field of book culture, and the most important need of this field is the supply of paper for publishers. Half-finished construction projects.

The Minister of Guidance clarified: We had a meeting with the publishers in the area of ​​support and we resolved the issue of tax concerns in discussions and meetings this week. In the government, we have greatly reduced the distance between the decision and the implementation. Despite all these circumstances, friends know how hard we tried in the days when there was a problem of paper supply, to follow all the requirements from the supply of preferred currency to… If there is a need for quality paper and the conditions are available, we have no objection.

Referring to a report about the imports needed by these sectors, he said: “All our efforts are to help the publishing sector. Our publishing should be one of the manifestations of self-reliance and self-belief.”

Referring to the annual budget of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in 1984, Esmaili said: While the Ministry of Culture had only 80 billion Tomans in its budget for culture management, the turnover of the book economy was 250 billion. The book was 8 thousand 50 billion and the Ministry of Guidance only had 30 billion. We have changed this cycle by working with middle circles and popular groups and we will fulfill the duty of supervision, support and facilitation in the Ministry of Guidance and in the government in all sectors of cinema, music theater, libraries and religious activities.

The activity of 350 units in the cellulose and paper products industry

In addition, Mohammad Mehdi Baradaran, the deputy minister of Samat, also said in this ceremony: We have 350 units in the cellulose and paper products industry, the smallest of which is writing paper.

He added: With the reactivation of this unit, the problems of Article 141 have been solved. In the past, this unit was considered bankrupt, and now this unit has been chosen as a model and is doing specialized production.

Baradaran said: “This is the first step in supplying writing paper. We managed to supply textbooks with domestic paper through factories in Mazandaran, Shushtar and Ardestan.”

He added: Currently, the production capacity of writing paper has reached 80,000 tons, and we will increase this amount in the next year, and 45,000 tons will be added to the production of Shiraz, 5,000 tons in Shadgan, and 15,000 tons in Sarostan.

Pointing out that we are generally moving towards the production of writing paper in a chain, Baradaran said: We follow paper production from its initial stage, i.e. tree planting, to the final product.

He added: Increasing the quality and completing the production chain and paying attention to re-discovery are among other measures that we follow in this field.

Also, Ali Latifi, Deputy Minister of Education, saying that I am here again thanks to Hadavand, said: I thank all the people who made this important, it is interesting to know that during these years, every year for We were looking for the supply of textbook paper with foreign and domestic tenders.

He added: We are ready to help improve the quality of paper. I thank the honorable ministers of education, I hope we continue this path with pride.

According to him, we have the problem of textbook paper, the book should have been printed at the beginning of the academic year. This company has not imposed the delay on us, even though they were facing problems to provide liquidity.

Latifi added: I am sorry for the people who are late in providing cash for paper and I am giving this warning that the supply of textbooks in Mehr 1403 will not be done on time if the cash is delayed.

It should be noted that the total production of paper required for education for 155 million textbooks is done 100% domestically, 45 thousand tons for printing textbooks and 5 thousand tons for book covers.

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