Sending a warning SMS to subscribers who consume a lot of gas / the need to save 20% to get through the winter – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency, Bahram Noorani, head of tariffs and contracts of the National Gas Company of Iran, said about the serious warning of gas consumption in the country: the goal of gas companies in this year’s cold period is to provide stable services to all subscribers so that there is no gas cut in any part of the country. do not have

He added: The reform and improvement of gas transmission pipelines is one of the actions and programs that are planned in this field, and this year’s fuel and winter storage of energy industries (major and ultra-major subscribers) is in a better condition than last year, and we hope that we are facing a definite problem. let’s not

Head of Tariffs and Contracts of Iran National Gas Company stated: winter meetings are supposed to be held in all provinces and everyone is obliged to follow the decisions of this meeting. Expenditures must be controlled and restrictions must be observed, including in government buildings.

Noorani considered it necessary to fully comply with the approvals issued by the competent authorities and said: it is stipulated that provincial officials and managers use the existing capacities to remove obstacles to the stability of the network and the most important thing is to inform the subscribers to observe the consumption and optimal consumption in this have context

He added: It is planned to identify high-consumption subscribers and send warning messages to them, which of course has happened, and monitoring and inspection of commercial and public places and warning of power outages should also be done in case of unusual consumption.

The Head of Tariffs and Contracts of Iran National Gas Company said: The first vice president mentioned in the circular that he sent recently that turning on office heating equipment one hour before the start of office hours and turning them off one hour before the end of office hours should be observed and these heating equipment They must be turned off on holidays.

Noorani added: Technical examination of all engine houses based on Article 17 of the Clean Air Law, periodic service and repairs, and installation of intelligent monitoring system of engine houses in order to increase safety and efficiency are other measures that should be done.

Stating that at least a 20% reduction in gas consumption compared to the same period in 2014 should be achieved, he said: Sports venues were required to turn off all their heating devices from 6:00 p.m.

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