Oil Minister: America is causing concern about the security of oil supply in the world – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency, after the 187 OPEC and 36 OPEC+ ministerial meetings, Javad Oji said: The 36th meeting of OPEC+ oil and energy ministers was held yesterday (Thursday, December 9th) after several days of delay through video conference. They clearly emphasized the need to maintain the stability of the oil market and support the collective decisions of OPEC Plus.

He added: In the 36th OPEC Plus ministerial meeting, it was pointed out that this coalition has carefully monitored the conditions of the global crude oil markets and the balance of supply and demand, and that it is ready to make a decision quickly according to the conditions of the oil market, and that OPEC Plus will take the necessary measures for stability. Market to be done.

The oil minister continued: Regarding the postponement of the OPEC and OPEC+ ministerial meetings and its connection with some internal disagreements among the member countries, it should first be noted that both of them have had such disagreements at different times in the history of their activities, and it is not a new issue, with However, what has always been important is reaching an agreement based on consensus among all OPEC+ producers.

Oji stated that in the current situation where OPEC+ producers are at a favorable point in terms of unity, cooperation and understanding among themselves, Oji clarified: Our effort is to institutionalize cooperation with non-OPEC producers within the framework of OPEC+, hence any decision made in the meetings of this The coalition is adopted, based on the consensus among all producers and to maintain the stability of the oil market and the collective interests of the members.

He clarified: The oil market is experiencing a challenging period with great confidence, the increase in supply by some producers outside the OPEC+ alliance, along with the doubts governing the world economy, the outlook of global markets, the actions of speculators in the oil market and the consequences of the aforementioned developments, warning messages. The donor is for the stability of the oil market.

The Minister of Oil stated: The OPEC+ agreement and the decisions of the ministerial meeting have led to significant achievements in line with the common interests of OPEC and non-OPEC member countries. Maintaining this successful movement in the future is vital for market stability and securing the interests of oil producers.

Oji clarified: Based on published reports and analysis, there are serious doubts on both sides of global oil supply and demand, each of which can have its own consequences for the prospects of future developments.

He said: “At the same time, the increase in the activities of speculators in the paper market has added to the concerns, so it is impossible to talk about the prospects of the trends governing the global oil market, and I cannot confirm any of these speculations.”

Oji continued: What can be announced is that OPEC Plus closely and regularly monitors the developments of the global oil market and the factors affecting it and, like the experience of the past years, when needed, take appropriate decisions to establish and maintain stability in the oil market. and will run.

He said: If America and other big consumers of the world are worried about the market situation and security of oil and energy supply today, this issue is the result of America’s actions and policies to put pressure on OPEC Plus and producers, political pressure on some big oil and gas producers through Cruel and unilateral sanctions and fueling geopolitical developments through political interference and support for war in the Middle East region.

The oil minister admitted: OPEC Plus agreement and its decisions are an important factor in eliminating oil market fluctuations, helping to improve world economic conditions, encouraging investments in the global oil industry and ensuring energy security. We believe that the OPEC Plus agreement and cooperation between major producers Oil is the only option for achieving world energy security in the short and long term.

Oji added: As we mentioned earlier, all oil market observers and experts acknowledge the constructive achievements of the OPEC Plus agreement for market stability and energy security, and Iran also fully supports the OPEC Plus agreement and its decisions, because the agreement is a “statement of cooperation between OPEC producers.” and non-OPEC” for the benefit of the oil market, producers and consumers and the global economy.

He reminded: Before the OPEC+ ministerial meeting, the 187th regular meeting of OPEC was held, and according to the usual routine, the agenda items of the meeting included a set of administrative, financial and management issues related to OPEC, which are usually discussed twice a year at the level of the oil and energy ministers of the member countries. will be held.

The oil minister said: In this meeting, in addition to the evaluation of global oil market developments and members’ positions, administrative, financial and management issues were also raised and reported by the OPEC secretariat, and appropriate decisions were taken by the oil and energy ministers of the member countries.

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