Notice of Melli Bank about the transfer of branches and deposits of Noor Institute to this bank – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency, the text of this announcement is as follows:

This transfer was made in line with the strategy and policies of the central bank in the direction of reforming the banking system, organizing the money market and protecting the rights of depositors based on the approvals of the Supreme Economic Coordination Council (heads of the three powers), the Money and Credit Council and the specialized committee for reforming the banking system. And customers and depositors of this institution can use all banking services by referring to the former branches of Noor Credit Institution (under the management of the bank) from December 11, 1402.

This decision was taken in order to reassure the customers, depositors, employees and other stakeholders of Noor Credit Institution and it is reminded to provide banking services to all the valuable clients of this institution including depositors and facility recipients with the management and guidance of National Bank of Iran in The framework of rules and regulations continues and customers can receive the said services according to the past procedure within the framework of deposit and facility contracts.

Also, the demands of the shareholders of the mentioned institution will be calculated and paid after fulfilling the obligations of the institution to the Central Bank and other executive bodies and legal authorities, and the affairs of Noor Credit Institution will also respond to the questions and requests of the respected shareholders of the institution.

Branches and employees working in the mentioned credit institution will continue their activities as before and will be transferred to Melli Bank of Iran within the framework of the approvals of the Banking System Reform Committee.

Considering the leading role of the National Bank of Iran in the country’s banking system over the past 95 years and the effective and full-fledged presence of this bank in the economic arena, the transfer of Noor Institute’s deposits to this bank can bring the gratitude and confidence of the depositors and customers of the said institution in To bring their legal rights to the administrative direction.

Therefore, cooperation in the successful implementation of this process, which is an important step in maintaining the stability and health of the country’s banking system, is expected and it is requested that our dear compatriots receive news and information about this matter only through official authorities such as Central Bank, National Bank of Iran and Follow up Noor Credit Institution.

Valuable customers can contact the Public Relations Unit at 64140 and 42931010 for more information.

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