Monologue Why is Netanyahu seeking to expand the war to the south of the Gaza Strip? – rahnam

According to the Arabic website of rahnam Khabarqaza, “Hamzeh Al-Bashtawi”, a Palestinian expert, in an analytical video, analyzed the reasons for the insistence of Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime, in order to continue the war in the Gaza Strip, after the end of the seven-day temporary ceasefire and the exchange of prisoners between the Palestinian resistance. And Israel has paid.


Referring to extensive regional and international efforts in order to establish a ceasefire and its continuation, he said: The realization of the ceasefire during the past days, in the shadow of the extensive diplomatic and military activity of the resistance axis, including Iran, in the negotiation field and the deterrent measures of the resistance forces. It was realized in Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen. As a result, it seems that some in America and the occupied territories are seeking to disrupt the ceasefire and stop the war.

Al-Bashtawi then explained the reasons for the Zionists’ insistence on resuming military attacks and added: The exposure of the lies and deceptions of the Israeli army in the Shafa hospital story and the claim of the presence of resistance leaders inside this hospital caused the defeat of Israel’s fake narrative at the media level. Therefore, the Zionist regime is now looking to create a new story in which it claims that the Palestinian resistance leaders have gone to the south of the Gaza Strip. Based on this, the scenario of the expansion of the war to the southern areas of Gaza, especially “Khan Younis”, seems probable.

In the final part of this analytical video, this Palestinian analyst said: Israel’s goal in expanding the war to the southern areas of Gaza is to depict Kuramidi to depict its victory. This is due to the fact that during the days of the prisoner exchange operation, the Palestinian resistance repeatedly returned the Zionist prisoners to the Red Cross forces in the northern, central and southern regions of Gaza in order to portray its sovereignty over the whole of Gaza.

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