Minister of Guidance announced: monthly allocation of one thousand tons of paper to publishers/ printing of 155 million volumes of textbooks with Iranian paper – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Sari, the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mohammad Mahdi Esmaili expressed his gratitude to all those who made this important event happen this morning at the self-sufficiency ceremony of the paper required for students’ textbooks held at Mazandaran wood and paper factory. : Two years ago, when we came here and observed the background of the work, maybe I did not see a clear horizon, but today we stood at a point where all 155 million volumes of textbooks for our dear children in Islamic Iran have been provided by this factory.

He continued: Today, the main part of our publishing field has reached this point, and today we do not have the self-sufficiency of paper required for textbooks.

The Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance stated that we should bring the title of nationalization of the publishing industry in our program and we announced the state of the publishing industry in the meetings, which was less than 5 thousand tons of government paper, adding: the need for education and training is about 50 thousand tons and the needs of the fields Different is at least 30 to 40 thousand tons.

Esmaili said: The President visited this factory when he was the head of the Judiciary and mentioned this concern to us at the same time. They had a meeting to solve the paper problem in the morning.

He said: The ministers of security, economy and finance, the president of the National Bank, who recently signed a memorandum of understanding in the cultural field, the previous president of the National Bank and my colleagues worked together.

The Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance stated that we have a unified country and everyone worked together harmoniously, and today we stand at this point and this is not the end of our work. We will open.

Esmaili continued: Several other collections are being launched under the title of Green Paper, which will be managed by Mr. Fattah. Therefore, all the elements and parts are together, and we in the field of paper do not consider this to be only a technical and industrial issue, but it has become one of our identity issues.

He said: Our people have always been at the forefront of cultural fields, and all our progress is the product of the cultural outlook of the Islamic Revolution, and liberation from colonialism must occur first and foremost in the field of thought and thought, and Imam Rahel first freed us from cultural colonialism, and the events that What is happening today is the result of the opening of the chains of colonialism from the nation’s thoughts and the continuation of this path is under the leadership of Imam Khamenei.

Esmaili said: Our government is a people’s government and true to its promises, and our country should become an important exporter of paper and meet all the needs of the country and cover the needs of the region as well.

The Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, stating that the government has started paper self-sufficiency in education and culture and Islamic guidance, announced the monthly allocation of one thousand tons of paper to publishers and said: We are working on Iranian paper and the quality is open to the producers. They will also raise.

He continued: “Perhaps the production of paper does not have a high interest rate, but we are the leaders and we are happy that today we took practical steps with the efforts of the producers. The government is not afraid of infrastructure development and today, by the order of the president, all half-finished projects of the center’s libraries will be financed.”

The Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance said that the publisher’s tax concern was resolved last week, and he reminded: We have reduced the time between decision and implementation in this ministry, and in the days when we had paper supplies, we tried to provide the requirements from the preferred currency. Also, wherever paper is needed and space is available, we help the publishing sector.

He stated: The field of publishing should be the most important achievement in the field of culture, the revolution has progressed in all fields and we hope that the backwardness will be compensated.

Esmaili said: We have changed the credit circle of the government in the culture sector and we have allocated good credits to this area and we have entered the good Quranic sector in particular.

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