Iran was recognized as the largest maritime trading power in the Middle East + table – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency, the Economic Department of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) announced in a report on the status of the shipping fleet in the Middle East region that Iran, with 942 ships, was the largest maritime trade power in the region in 2022.

According to this report, Iran has 32 bulk carriers, 31 container ships, 83 oil tankers, 393 general cargo ships and 403 ships of other types in 2022.

Based on this, Iran has the largest number of commercial ships among 12 Middle Eastern countries in 2022. Iran’s power difference with the next country is more than 300 ships. With 636 ships, the UAE has ranked second in the region in this regard. The number of Iranian ships is 306 more than that of the UAE.

* One third of all ships in the Middle East belong to Iran

Iran’s shipping fleet has also been more than twice the shipping fleet of Saudi Arabia. The CIA has announced the number of Saudi ships in 2022 to 413 and has introduced this country as the third maritime trade power in the Middle East region.

Bahrain with 190 ships and Kuwait with 166 ships are ranked fourth and fifth respectively.

Qatar with 123 ships, Iraq with 75 ships, Oman with 57 ships, Lebanon with 49 ships, Jordan with 35 ships, Yemen with 30 ships, and Syria with 22 ships have occupied the sixth to twelfth ranks, respectively.

The total number of active commercial ships in the Middle East last year was 2738, and more than a third of these ships, equivalent to 34%, belonged to Iran.

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