Hamas: The responsibility for not extending the ceasefire lies with the Zionist regime and the United States – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, “Osame Hamdan”, one of the senior leaders of the Palestinian resistance movement (Hamas), said in an interview with Al-Jazeera news channel that the responsibility for not extending the ceasefire in Gaza rests with the Zionist regime and the United States.

He added that the Palestinian resistance was seriously looking for a ceasefire and is still pursuing it.

In this regard, Ezzat al-Rashq, a member of Hamas’ political bureau, said: What Israel did not achieve in the 50 days before the ceasefire, it will not achieve with the continuation of its aggression.

Although the “Wall Street Journal” quoted Egyptian officials as saying that Hamas and the Zionist regime reached an agreement on extending the temporary ceasefire in Gaza for the eighth day, the ceasefire was not extended today.

The Financial Times newspaper quoted American sources as saying that the mediators between Hamas and the Israeli regime are trying to extend the ceasefire for the eighth day and then negotiate on the extension of the ceasefire again.

Channel 14 of the Zionist regime announced that there is an understanding between Hamas and “Israel” regarding the one-day extension of the ceasefire in Gaza.

News sources reported that in today’s attacks by the Zionist regime on the Gaza Strip after the end of the temporary ceasefire in Gaza, the number of martyrs increased to 32 today.

Despite the continued efforts and negotiations by the Qatari and Egyptian mediators to renew the temporary ceasefire in Gaza, these efforts did not reach anywhere and the ceasefire in Gaza was not extended.

The Zionist regime, which had violated it many times during the ceasefire period, took advantage of this opportunity and immediately accused the Palestinian resistance group of violating the ceasefire and resumed massive air and artillery attacks on the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, the seventh round of prisoner exchange between Hamas and the Israeli regime took place and the prisoners of both sides were handed over to the Red Cross.

On the other hand, the resistance groups in Iraq and Yemen warned the Israeli regime this Friday morning that if it resumes attacks and war against Gaza from this Friday morning, they will immediately resume their operations against the Zionists and their supporters.

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