Deputy Speaker of the Parliament: The further we go, the economic and living conditions of the people will improve – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency from Ardestan, Hojjat-ul-Islam Mojtaba Zul-Nuri said on Thursday evening at the commemoration ceremony of Martyr of Modares and clerical martyrs of Ardestan city: Throughout the history of Islam and in the events, the clergy were a shield of calamity for the people and they have felt the presence of the clergy. And the banner of anti-arrogance has always been on the shoulder of a cleric.

He added: “Always during the periods of tyrannical rulers, clerics like Martyr Modares have raised the flag of Islam and have been able to take effective action, and throughout the history of the country and Islamic countries, they have all benefited from the brilliance of history-making clerics and sacrificed themselves for religion and people.”

Zul Nouri said: The name of Martyr Modares has remained in history because he was a self-made character and the influence of his words was divine and he stood in front of Reza Khan and was unyielding in front of authoritarian governments and with his courage he transformed the parliament and the day of his martyrdom. They named it Majlis Day because he made a revolution and then had many struggles and had an outstanding personality and is a visible and complete model for our parliament and representatives.

The Deputy Chairman of the Islamic Council said: The last meeting of the representatives with the leader of the Islamic Revolution was very fruitful and he called this parliament revolutionary and it is the parliament that can supervise the government and prevent degeneration and the government has no complaints about the parliament and their support is the revolutionary parliament. It is that with the instructions we can see a better situation in the society.

He said: Despite all the livelihood problems of our people, they are understanding people and they do not equate the system with the four problematic officials, and I give good news that with the infrastructures that the government has made, with the relations with the various countries and agreements that have been made, and with the jihadi works that have been done The more we move forward, the economic and living conditions of the country will improve.

Zul Noori said: The clergy played a role in the battles of the revolution, like Martyr Modares, but the enemies killed many of them so that we could not use them, but their blood accelerated the progress of the revolution and increased the people’s anger towards the enemy, and today’s enemies are Because of this peace and compromise in the region, they consider Iran as a power and they had assassinations.

While pointing to the enemy’s round-the-clock propaganda against the holy system of the Islamic Republic, the vice president of the Islamic Council said: 112 live radios are propagating against the country and they have not been able to make progress either in the war or in the virtual war, and the role of the clergy can be very important.

Zalonuri said: The responsible role of the clergy in the war was very effective and now it is very important in the matter of explanation, and the people trusted the clergy in the holy defense and had the necessary support for the holy defense and the leadership of the clergy in the holy defense and operations. We had 14 operational divisions led by a cleric as the head of the command staff, and Imam’s representatives were present in all areas and organizations, and we currently have a large number of clerics.

The Deputy Chairman of the Islamic Council stressed that the enemy has not been able to separate the people from the revolution and the clergy with all the tricks it does in the cyberspace, and the people are still supporting their revolution and thwarting the enemy’s tricks with their presence in all fields.

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