Cancellation of all paper licenses since the beginning of 1403 – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency, Sidamir Sayah said: Owners of old licenses can convert their paper license to an electronic license for free with just a smartphone, without visiting in person.

The head of the business environment improvement center added: According to the law on facilitating the issuance of licenses, all paper and old licenses must be converted into electronic licenses by the end of this year, and from the beginning of 1403, the government only considers electronic licenses official and legal, and after this time, if If the name of the business owner does not exist in the database of unique ID holders at the address, and he has not received a unique ID, the business owner is not an official business owner and has no credit, and they cannot receive government services.

He added: Currently, banks do not provide services to those who have a paper license and demand a unique ID from them.

The head of the business environment improvement center said: In order for businesses to easily convert their paper license into a unique ID, they can visit the national license portal at in the “Unique ID for old licenses” section by uploading the national card and The original license and providing the national, postal and mobile numbers, register their request in less than five minutes and after some time they will receive the unique ID from the national license portal.

He emphasized: Owners of old licenses can receive the unique ID completely free of charge and without visiting in person with their smartphones or personal computers.

The Law on Facilitating the Issuance of Licenses came into force in May 1401 so that all licenses can be issued electronically and transparently through the National License Portal. Having a unique or electronic ID is mandatory for all business owners, and according to the law, if businesses do not have a unique ID, their old license will not be valid from the beginning of 1403.

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