Absenteeism of schools and universities in Isfahan and several cities/intensification of dealing with air polluting sources – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Isfahan, Mansour Shisha Foroshev said: Due to the continued conditions of absolute stability and stability of the atmosphere and the increase in the concentration of pollutants, the meeting of the working group on emergency conditions of air pollution in the province was held.

He continued: Considering that the air pollution conditions will continue until the end of the coming week with intensity and weakness, tomorrow, December 11, all educational levels of education in the six districts of Isfahan and the education districts of Flowerjan, Pirbakran, Najafabad, Khomeinishahr , Shahinshahr, Barkhar, Mubarakeh, Zarinshahr and Fouladshahr will be held in absentia, also kindergartens, preschools and exceptional schools in the mentioned areas are closed.

The glassmaker continued: Classes in universities and higher education centers will also be closed in absentia, and cultural centers, sports and sports competitions will also be closed.

He continued: Working mothers who have elementary school children can also work remotely with the approval of their managers.

Director General of Crisis Management of Isfahan Governorate pointed out: Also, it was decided that tomorrow, Saturday, December 11, the couple and single plan will be implemented from 8:00 to 13:00 and 16:00 to 21:00 in the city of Isfahan.

Referring to the intensification of dealing with polluting units, the glass seller said: Any activity that leads to air pollution, including digging, burning plant remains, etc., is prohibited, and violators will be dealt with severely.

He said: The police will also deal seriously with vehicles that emit smoke and lack technical inspection.

The Director General of Crisis Management of Isfahan Governorate continued: In this working group, it was emphasized that the General Environment Department of the province should continue to monitor the polluting units and also supervise the distribution of clean fuel in the stations.

The glass shop asked fellow provinces and citizens of Isfahan to help reduce the pollution of mobile sources by reducing unnecessary trips.

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