The acceptance of 27 million people from the electronic catalog plan/increasing the retirement age is in line with the stability of the funds – rahnam

According to the economic reporter of rahnam news agency, Alireza Asgarian, the deputy of welfare and economic affairs of the Ministry of Labor answered the questions raised in the program of the first line of Khabar Sima network by explaining the latest measures and plans of the deputy of welfare and economic affairs of the Ministry of Labor.

Referring to the gathering of economic information of Iranian households in the Iranian welfare database, he said: The gathering of information in the Iranian welfare database is done with the help of related institutions.

Saying that all the indicators should be checked so that the support is fair, Asgarian added: This database is a capacity to implement the country’s justice projects.

The deputy welfare and economic affairs minister of cooperation, labor and social welfare said: Electronic catalog is being implemented on the basis of the welfare base of Iranians in the country, and more extensive plans will be implemented in the future.

Referring to the launch of the National Credit Network, he said: Applying new data will lead to better justice in the implementation of plans, and in the future, this will become operational with the implementation of percentiles.

Saying that more than 195,000 stores have already joined the electronic catalog project, Asgarian added: The relationship between the buyer, the bank and the store has been established on the basis of the national credit network, and so far more than 27 million people have welcomed this project.

The Deputy Minister of Welfare pointed to the extensive relationship between the Ministry of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare and the Ministry of Health and said: With the benefit of the network of health houses of the whole country, the plan to support families with children under five years of age in need of food support was realized.

He emphasized: the food security document of the Ministry of Health is the basis of this plan, and in it, one million Tomans for each child in the first to fifth decade and 600 thousand Tomans for children in the sixth and seventh decade will be deposited into the account of the head of the household.

Saying that the government’s biggest strategy is food security, Asgarian added: 125,000 children are covered in the support plan for families with children under the age of five who need food support.

The Deputy Minister of Welfare and Economic Affairs of the Ministry of Cooperation, while explaining the national plan of Yesna, also said: This plan for pregnant and lactating mothers started with a statistical population of 25 thousand mothers, and 400 thousand Tomans will be paid for the purchase of items of the electronic catalog plan.

He stated: A good convergence has been formed in the country for the implementation of support projects and in the future, various programs can be implemented in the country by benefiting from the window of the support unit.

Asgarian said: the benefit base is also another capacity aligned with the welfare base of Iranians for fair distribution of resources and facilities in the country.

The Deputy Minister of Labor also stated regarding the increase in the retirement age: with the increase in the life expectancy rate, like in other countries of the world, the increase in the retirement age is also in line with helping the stability of the funds.

Stating that balancing was considered in this plan, he added: The most important challenge of the funds was the implementation of plans without financial resources in the past, which created a crisis.

Emphasizing that in different periods, mismanagement has caused great damage to the funds, Asgarian said: The government and the parliament together are trying to provide the path to the stability of the pension funds with the correct timing.

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