Non-expensive subsidized liquefied gas – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency, Salari Nesab said: More than 80% of fuel in power plants is natural gas. Due to the increase in gas consumption in the domestic sector, some power plants use oil and gas with the Euro standard. The amount of oil and gas consumption of power plants depends on the amount of gas imbalance.

Pointing out that four to five percent of the people do not have domestic gas, he said: the government provides fuel to the people in the form of subsidies and gives them liquid gas for cooking and kerosene for heating, and they register in the system. Sedef” will receive their quota.

The CEO of the National Oil Products Distribution Company said: liquid gas for this group of people is 230 Tomans per kilo and it is not the responsibility of the distribution company to determine the price. The subsidy rate of liquefied gas has not changed and is the same as the old rate.

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