Major General Salami: The policies of the Zionist regime were buried in Gaza/ Israelis no longer wish to continue the war – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency from Qazvin, Major General Pasdar Hossein Salami said in Qazvin province’s exercise of the Basij forces’ authority, honoring the memory of the martyrs and honoring the bravery of the Basij forces in all fields and congratulating the Palestinian people’s victories, Qazvin province is one of the lands that has a history. It is prominent and brilliant, and there have been great scholars and jurists in this land.

He stated that the great scholars who played a role in the history of Iran were from this land, adding: Martyr Babaei, the brave pilot, Martyr Sarafaraz Hossein Lashkari and Seyyed Azadegan during the defense period, Seyed Ali Akbar Abu Tarabi and the proud general of this land, Martyr Hasanpour and thousands of other martyrs who They appeared in the battlefield and liberated the lands and placed the people of Iran in the field of pride.

Referring to the Basij’s meeting with the supreme leader of the revolution yesterday, the Commander-in-Chief of the IRGC stated: Basij is the world’s greatest and endless defense force. All armed forces of the world are limited. If you look at the US military, which has half of the world’s defense power, the country’s military budget is the size of the entire world’s budget, but with all that, this military is expendable.

Stating that the former Soviet Army ended up with 102 armored divisions, he said: “Look at any part of the world, the classical armed forces are limited, but there is a huge defense force in the world, which is like a shining river, which is a flowing truth on earth.” , it never ends; The power of Basij boils and roars, and with each flag falling from the hands of a martyr, dozens of young people raise it again.

The Commander-in-Chief of the IRGC stated that the Basij force overcomes any armed force of any size, talent and equipment development, just as this force overcame the victors of the war in the sacred defense, adding: America, the Soviet Union and some European countries in support They wanted the Baath army to break the Iranian nation in the battlefield and make the great Iran smaller. They intended to impose modern ignorance on the Iranian nation, but the huge force of the Basij, which was formed by the order of the great leader of the Islamic Revolution, thwarted their plan. Enemies faced Basij’s strong barrier and stopped.

Major General Salami stated that this divine force is the manifestation of the most beautiful qualities that God has attributed to them in the Quran, that is, they are people of patience, trust and sacrifice. They put others before themselves, they sacrifice their lives so that the life of a nation remains safe and secure, he said: “Basij will never allow the flag to fall on the ground, will not allow the occupation of the land, and will not allow a foreigner to decide the fate of this nation; Basijians reach out to the people in difficult moments; If a flood happens, they are the first to go to the water war, so that the water does not damage people’s houses. I saw them in Aq Qala, in Khuzestan, in Poldakhter, in Sistan and Baluchistan, and in Hormozgan. Believe me, they are more compassionate than you. There were families.

The Commander in Chief of the Revolutionary Guards said that in Mazdaran village of Firouzkoh, I saw them covered in mud, cleaning the houses, washing the carpets, and wiping the sadness from the faces of our people, adding: These are the signs of divine favor descending on a nation. Yes, Basijians also shined in the fields of science, Shahid Ahmadi Roshans, Fakhrizadehs, Ali Mohammadis, Shahriaris, who placed this country among the countries with nuclear knowledge and technology.

He added: Those who sent satellites to the sky, dear ones who built the country’s refineries, they built the Star of the Persian Gulf, a refinery that produces 50% of the country’s gasoline.

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