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According to the political reporter of rahnam news agency, Henry Kissinger, one of the most important and controversial American diplomats in the 20th century, died at the age of 100. During the presidency of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, he worked as the Secretary of State and National Security Advisor of the United States, and after leaving the American government in 1977, his opinions were still considered important in the field of American foreign policy.

Kissinger is considered the architect of American foreign policy in the last century and one of the main founders of the American war machine; He is known for playing a role in the bombing of Cambodia during the Vietnam War, supporting Pakistan’s genocide in Bangladesh and giving the green light to Argentina’s dictatorship in the “dirty war” against the opponents of the then regime and supporting the 1973 coup against the elected president of Chile, Salvador Allende.

Jalal Al-Ahmad is a famous Iranian writer and creator of works such as “Gharb Zadegi”, “Khisi Dar Miqat”, “The Principal of the School”, “From the Pain We Take” and various books of stories, translations and travelogues. In 1956, corresponding to 1344 A.D., Al-Ahmad had a two-month trip to Harvard University to participate in an international seminar.

According to Jalal Al-Ahmed, Harvard University has held an international seminar every summer since 1951 and invited writers and thinkers from different races, cultures and nationalities to this university for a few weeks, and in Jalal’s words: “With the intention that Acquaint the intellectuals of the world with the American way of life and thought. The same as all other stock exchanges that have become fashionable in these years after the Second World War. salting and creating commitment and such. Love of hearts and other cases.

Al-Ahmad was invited to this seminar in 1344, and his book Travel to America is his memoirs of his visit to the United States, which contains interesting points about the atmosphere of America in the 60s and also the situation of blacks in this country. Henry Kissinger was the director of international seminars at Harvard University between 1951 and 1971, and Jalal has various references in his American travel book about dealing with a person who became the national security adviser and then the US secretary of state a few years later.

In one of the parts of this book, which we recommend reading to the readers, in a part of this book, after listening to the words of some American figures, he says: “Today it became clear to me that these kinds of speakers and speeches are mostly for the purpose of poisoning Take the intellectuals of the world in this Harvard compared to America; Now I can see like a clear day that the facilities and organizations of the companies are doing their work, but only to silence the voices and as the usual security hole. They also give money to a fake person like Kissinger. Sean Irish (one of the invitees of this seminar) mentioned that Kuafmann, who started the teach-in program, asked Kissinger to speak in that assembly, Norman Miller; “Agree or disagree?” Kissinger asked. To gather the thugs of the world’s intellectuals here and show them that yes, we want freedom and speak against war, but they are unaware that they are baptizing war.”

Norman Miller is a famous writer and owner of American style and winner of the “Pulitzer” literary prize, who was considered an anti-war artist in the political environment.

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Henry Kissinger and Mohammad Reza Pahlavi

Al-Ahmed further writes about Kissinger: “It is as if Kissinger himself wrote a book called Atomic Bomb and I don’t know what… in which he made the same tricks that we saw today.”

One of Al-Ahmed’s famous works is the book of Westernization, and he wrote a critique of the tendency to Western culture, and he raised the same issue in this seminar with some guests, and in his own words, “This Westernization has done its hard work”! Al-Ahmed’s words against the West did not reach Kissinger himself and he writes: “Yesterday, Keysinger brought up the issue of westernization in the discussion of the politics and economics seminar and mentioned me and the Ceylon man (Sil Vaganam, one of the seminar guests) who strongly supported me, and he is going to follow suit today. The same article. The Dutchman Van Dijk told me that it is not bad to go to their assembly today, and at first I decided to go, then I saw that it was not good. My going to that parliament means that giving importance to Kissinger and his defense of Westernization (modernization) and inevitably, an answer must be given…

At the end of the book in the chapter “Harvard Bimonthly Report” Al-Ahmad writes about Kissinger’s management of the meetings: “Another work of the seminar was the freedom lecture meetings, which were held on Tuesday nights in the lecture hall of the Alstonbor Museum, affiliated to Harvard, in the name of free discussion and entry was open to all. Every week a topic was chosen and three or four people spoke and then a discussion took place… The speakers of the parliament were from the politics group, but the speaker of the parliament, who was Henry Kissinger himself, conducted the meeting in such a way that there was no attack on politics. America should not take place there.”

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