Inauguration of IRGC deprivation projects by the order of Major General Salami/donation of 200 sets of dowries to the people of Qazvini – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Qazvin, this morning in the presence of Major General Salami, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the ceremony of donating 200 sets of dowry to young couples in the target community of the Imam Khomeini (RA) Relief Committee was held in Qazvin.

It should be mentioned that from 2019 to today, Hazrat Sahib Al-Amr (AS) Corps of Qazvin Province has prepared and donated 2,646 sets of dowries to help young couples. Dowry items include refrigerator, washing machine, TV, gas stove and vacuum cleaner.

The Riyal value of these 200 series of dowries is 100 billion Rials, which was prepared with the participation of benefactors, the relief committee, Qazvin Province Army and people’s aid to be placed at the disposal of Wali Nematan. The Riyal value of each series of dowries is 500 million Rials. Factory price is charged.

Inauguration of Saghran village bridge in Auj

Next, the bridge of Saghran Auj village was also opened in the form of a video conference. The Saghran bridge was completely destroyed in the last flood of Auj, and because of this, the people of the village used to cross the river to travel. Based on this, with the verdict of the Auj prosecutor, the remaining half of the bridge was demolished and with the contract between the General Directorate of Roads and Urban Development and Basij Construction, the project was completed and put into operation within 3 months.

The road and urban development experts had made a financial estimate of more than 9 billion tomans for the construction and operation of the bridge, but the mobilization of construction with river materials, people’s help, machines of the provincial army and the General Department of Roads and Urban Development, with good quality and speed and with a credit of 5/ 5 billion tomans completed this project.

Utilization of 14 resistance economy projects with job creation for 2800 people

Also, with the presence of Major General Salami, 14 resistance economic projects of the Basij Construction of Qazvin Corps were inaugurated today. The Construction Mobilization and Deprivation Camp of Sahib Al-Amr (AS) with a credit of 219 billion Tomans has created more than 2800 jobs since 1400. To help create employment, it has provided conditions for payment of 2329 items of facilities to the target community. In Qazvin province, more than 445 Qarz al-Hasaneh funds are active, which have benefited 9 thousand people from this plan in order to train and empower them for home jobs.

Opening of 40 residential units

In the continuation of the ceremony of opening the projects of Sahib Al-Amr (AS) in Qazvin province, 40 special residential units for the underprivileged, which were built by Basij Construction and Deprivation Camp of Sahib Al-Amr (AS), were put into operation.

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