Escorting the defenders of the shrine from Syria to the sanctuary of heaven/ the magnificent funeral of 8 migratory swallows + pictures and videos – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency from Mashhad, the bodies of 8 martyrs who defended the shrine of Ahl al-Bayt (AS) from the incident of Khan Tuman in Syria in 2015, were buried today with the enthusiastic presence of the martyrs of Mashhad and were moved to the holy shrine of Razavi.

In this ceremony, which started from Mahdiyeh of Mashhad, the bodies of 8 martyrs who defended the shrine were buried on the hands of the people of Velayatmadar and Shahid Parvar of Mashhad until the holy shrine of Razavi.

The holy body of the martyrs “Mahdi Zakir Hosseini, Ali Agha Abdulahi, Hassan Akbari and Seyed Mostafa Sadeghi from Tehran and martyr Reza Abbasi from Kermanshah, martyr Gholam Ali Toli from Gorgan, martyr Mohammad Reza Yaqoubi Kiase from Gilan and martyr Elias Chegini from Qazvin” this evening from Mahdieh Mashhad They were buried in the holy shrine of Razavi.

According to the announcement of the Razavi Khorasan Martyr Foundation, after Maghrib and Isha prayers, a special ceremony will be held in Razavi Holy Shrine with the presence of pilgrims and residents of Manwar Razavi Shrine in the form of saying goodbye to the martyrs and mentioning the plight of Ahl al-Bayt (AS).

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