Denial of Iranian government’s gasoline export to Afghanistan/Private sector playing with government credit – rahnam

According to the economic reporter of rahnam news agency, every now and then news is published by Afghan websites and news agencies that Iran’s exported gasoline was returned by the Taliban and the reason for this was the low quality of Iran’s exported gasoline.

Once again, news has been published today that the Afghanistan Standards Department has increased the return of low-quality gasoline tankers to Iran in recent days.

In the first place, the question arises that in the situation where the production and consumption of gasoline in the country is breaking even, and with a slight increase in demand, especially at the end of the year and summer, we experience a severe imbalance of more than 10 million liters per day, how can we get gasoline for export to Will Afghanistan be sent?

Also, the question arises that when the gasoline produced in the country’s main refineries, according to the officials of the National Company for Refining and Distribution of Petroleum Products, is gasoline with Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards, how can the gasoline allocated for export be of such poor quality that a country like Should Afghanistan, which is less strict than many countries in terms of standard audits, put a stamp of poor quality on Iran’s gasoline?

The answer to these questions is clear, Iran’s public sector has no official land export of gasoline to Afghanistan. What enters Afghanistan as Iranian gasoline is either smuggled or exported by the private sector as hydrocarbon products.

There is definitely no supervision over what is smuggled, and the smuggler can sell any low-quality product as Iranian gasoline to the buyer; And here, the Afghan media should address the issue of why a part of Afghanistan’s fuel supply is provided through smuggling and which institutions and people in this country are interested and active in this field.

But on the other hand, dozens of small-scale refining companies and dozens of commercial companies are operating in the field of exporting all kinds of hydrocarbon products. Unfortunately, the weakness of monitoring the activities of these companies leads to the publication of such news, and these companies are playing with the country’s reputation, which is necessary. Necessary action should be taken by the responsible agencies such as Samt and Naft with the violators.

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