Cease fire in Gaza, crime in “Karane”/ one martyr and 5 wounded/ the bulldozer of the invading army exploded – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, the soldiers of the Israeli regime raided the areas of Tulkarm, Tubas, Ramallah and Nablus in the West Bank early this Thursday, simultaneously with the sixth round of prisoner exchange, and in areas such as Tulkarm and Tubas, they clashed heavily with Palestinian fighters. got involved

The occupiers’ anger at the release of Palestinian prisoners

Despite the continuation of the cease-fire in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank witnessed the continuation of crimes and inhuman actions by elements of the Israeli regime. In this area, an hour before handing over the Palestinian prisoners in Ramallah, Israeli soldiers attacked the gathering of Palestinian youths who were happy about the exchange of prisoners and the performance of resistance, and the Palestinian youths countered them by throwing hand grenades.

In an attack on Palestinian youth who had gathered to welcome the newly released prisoners, a teenager was shot in the leg and injured.

Martyrdom of Palestinian youth in Ramallah

Palestinian news agencies reported that one of the Palestinian youths who was wounded in the shooting of the Israeli regime soldiers was martyred. The Palestinian Ministry of Health subsequently announced that Fadi Badran was martyred this morning in the Israeli regime’s shooting in Beituna settlement of Ramallah.

Gaza Strip, West Bank,

5 Palestinians were wounded in front of Ofer prison

The Palestinian Red Crescent announced that the Zionists attacked the people gathering in front of the Ofer prison who were waiting for the release of the Palestinian prisoners.

The soldiers of the Israeli regime did not show the happiness of the Palestinians for the release of their family members and before the release of “Mohammed Jadullah”, they attacked his family’s house in the town of Soor, located in the occupied city of Quds, and they were punched and kicked.


Occupiers vent their anger on empty cars

Pictures and videos released from the West Bank, especially Tulkarem, show that the mechanical shovel of the Israeli army destroys the parked cars of Palestinian citizens on the street.

The Israeli regime is trying to make the bitterness of its defeat in the recent war and the exchange of prisoners bitter for the Palestinians with this morning’s attacks in front of the Ofer prison and also in the town of Bituna on the welcomers in Ramallah.


Exploding the Israeli army bulldozer in the West Bank

In response to these attacks, the Palestinian fighting forces succeeded in blowing up an Israeli regime army bulldozer during the attack on Tulkarem with an embedded bomb.


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