Amir Heydari: We are self-sufficient in 23 defense lines and ready for export / We have information elites on the borders + Film – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam news agency from Semnan, the Commander of the Army Ground Forces, Brigadier General Kyomorth Heidari, during his trip to Shahroud, told reporters: The Islamic Republic of Iran Army today is in 23 defense lines in terms of equipment, helicopter weapons, missiles, UAVs and all kinds of forestry systems. And the complementary cycles of these technologies are self-sufficient and are moving towards export.

Referring to the presence of the army at the borders of the country and the security authority of Iran, he added: This presence is to provide intelligence elites and strengthen the security of the country.

The commander of the army’s ground forces said about the country’s security and the general category of security: “The security of a country is when the armed forces have a foot in the saddle, an armed force that is intelligent and an armed force that can produce its own defense equipment and is not dependent.”

Brigadier Heydari said: Being dependent means that there is no security, there is no stable security, but fortunately, all the armed forces of the country have brought deterrence to the fore, and in the army’s ground forces, we are completely self-sufficient in 23 ranks and defense components.

He clarified: All the equipment needed by the army in terms of helicopters, anti-armor missiles, long-range missiles, and various “jungle” systems that are used in the discussion of sustainable security, the ground force is self-sufficient in this field and today it has been able to meet all the needs of the country. Answer well.

The commander of the Army Ground Forces added: Today we are stationed in all the borders of the North-West, West, South-West, South-East and North-East and we proudly brought security to the country and our presence at the borders does not mean that we are threatened by any danger. does, but it means intelligence aristocracy and keeping the forces ready for work.


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