WHO expresses concern over health situation in Gaza/disease may be more deadly than bombing – rahnam

According to the social reporter of rahnam news agency, the spokesperson of the World Health Organization warned on Tuesday about the increase in infectious diseases and diarrhea among children and announced that if the health system in the Gaza Strip is not restored, people who will die due to the disease will even die. It will be more than the casualties caused by the bombing.

According to the Reuters report, in figures that the United Nations also considers reliable, the health authorities of Gaza say that more than 15 thousand people have been killed in the bombing of Gaza by the Zionist regime, nearly 40 percent of them are children, and it is feared that many more are also buried under the rubble of buildings.

Margaret Harris from the World Health Organization said at the UN briefing in Geneva: “If we cannot repair this health system together, more people will die from disease.”

Referring to the concern about the increase of infectious diseases, especially cases of diarrhea in infants and children, he said that in early November, diarrhea disease among people five years old and above had reached more than 100 times the normal level.

According to Harris, all the people of the Gaza Strip are currently in dire need of health services because they are dying of hunger, lack clean water and live in densely populated areas.

James Elder; The spokesperson of the United Nations Children’s Agency in Gaza also told the reporters that the hospitals of this strip are full of children who were injured due to burns and shrapnel or who got gastroenteritis from drinking dirty water.

He added: I met many parents. They know exactly what their children need but they don’t have access to safe water and it bothers them.

Elder explained: He saw a child with a missing part of his leg lying on the hospital floor for several hours because he could not be treated due to a lack of medical staff.

He added: Nearly three-quarters of hospitals, including 26 out of 36 hospitals in Gaza, have been completely closed due to bombings and lack of fuel.

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