The sale of domestic cars in the integrated system has started / Iran Khodro and Saipa products will be released next week – rahnam

According to the economic reporter of rahnam news agency, the sale of domestic cars has started in the integrated system, and based on that, car manufacturing companies are uploading their excess capacity in this system.

Currently, 4 automobile companies, including Ilia, Tigard Motor, Kerman Motor, and Arian Motor, have uploaded some of their products to the system and customers can make purchases by visiting the site.

Of course, the two Iran Khodro and Saipa companies will also load surplus products and new cars into the system next week.

The important thing here is that the supply of cars in the integrated system of domestic cars is continuous and people can register without worrying about the completion of the sales plan.

Currently, car sales in the integrated system of domestic cars are extraordinary and the maximum delivery time is 3 months.

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