The reasons for the serial extension of the temporary ceasefire in the Al-Aqsa-rahnam storm war

According to rahnam news agency, until the sixth day of the temporary ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, about 72 residents of the occupied territories (some with dual citizenship) and 20 foreigners have been exchanged with about 180 Palestinian prisoners.


Negotiations between Qatar, Egypt, the United States and Israel continue on the extension of the ceasefire in the war, and it seems that both sides are willing to extend it. Although at the beginning of this temporary truce, it seemed that the Israeli extremists were against it, but the Zionist society as a whole needed such peace after forty-eight days of fighting.

On behalf of Israel, Mossad chief David Barane has traveled to Qatar and is negotiating with the Qataris, Egyptians and Americans.

On the other hand, the Qataris have proposed the immediate release of all the people in Darband in exchange for a long-term ceasefire. Of course, the authorities of the Zionist regime have not yet responded to this proposal.

It seems that parts of the Israeli ruling body are still not ready to accept a comprehensive ceasefire, and especially the extreme right wing is protesting in this regard.

Last night, Itamar Ben Goyer, the minister of internal security of this regime, threatened to leave Netanyahu’s cabinet if Israel does not resume the war.

Another far-right politician, Betsalel Smutrich, the Minister of Finance, also announced today that the option of a permanent ceasefire is basically not on the negotiating table. The far right seems strongly opposed to a long truce and would block it at this point.

Despite these negotiations, Netanyahu reiterated that Israel will return to war after the temporary ceasefire. Yoav Gallant, the Minister of War, has also made this promise many times in recent days.

Even if fighting resumes after the current temporary ceasefire, it is likely to be easier to achieve another pause in the fighting than in the first phase of the war.

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