The end of Iran’s resources in the next 40 years is a mistake / we will never have water shortage – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Ahvaz, Abbas Ali Nobakht said at the conference on wood farming at Khuzestan University of Agriculture and Natural Resources: Forests play an important role in providing the country’s water resources.

He added: In the Zagros oak forests, each hectare of oak stores 1,000 cubic meters of water annually, which means that the Zagros forests produce 6 billion cubic meters of water annually, and Zagros supplies 40% of the water in the country.

The head of the country’s natural resources and watershed management organization said: the forests in the north of the country also produce 6 billion cubic meters of water annually.

Nobakht noted: The wood industry is a productive industry and we should go in the direction of developing the tree plantation industry instead of deforestation.

He stated: Now countries like China have planted 50 million hectares or Turkey nearly 8 million hectares.

Referring to the plan to develop forestry and plant one billion trees, Nobakht said: The enemy wants to make us believe that Iran will not have water for the next 40 years, which is wrong, and we will never have water shortages with forest resources, so we must try to preserve and develop forests.

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