Islamic: The agency should intervene in the nuclear threats of the Zionist regime – rahnam

According to the correspondent of rahnam news agency, Mohammad Islami, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization, said this Wednesday morning on the sidelines of the government delegation: We have clearly stated in a letter to the head of the Atomic Energy Agency that the leaders of the Zionist regime, both the minister of this regime and the prime minister of Israel in the United Nations; They have threatened the Palestinians and Iran with a nuclear attack, and the agency should enter into these issues.

He added: The Atomic Energy Agency is responsible for any incident. Because the Zionist regime has not signed the NPT or safeguards and is threatening the world with an atomic bomb today.

The head of the Atomic Energy Organization said: In the recent summit, all countries condemned the Zionist regime’s actions against the oppressed Palestinian people, but it is expected that the Atomic Energy Agency will have a new entry into this issue.


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