Around 300,000 fuel cards were dismantled in the stalls of the post office/fuel card waiting queue – rahnam

Jafar Salari Nasab, the CEO of the National Petroleum Products Distribution Company, in an interview with the economic reporter of rahnam News Agency, stated: “Currently, no one is waiting in line to register a fuel card application, and every person registers a fuel card application within 48 hours.” Then, his information is sent to issue a fuel card.

Stating that “currently, the entire process of issuing a fuel card takes one month from the time of filing the application until the card reaches the hand of the applicant”, he said: with the launch of the online system, this time will be reduced to 10 days.

He added: Currently, 15,000 people request to issue fuel cards, including duplicate and new numbered cards, while the capacity created to issue fuel cards is 45,000 per day. Therefore, the waiting line for the fuel card has been removed and we have no problem with issuing the fuel card.

The CEO of the National Oil Products Distribution Company, referring to the existence of about 450 thousand fuel cards in the stalls of the post office in the first months of this year, said: this number has decreased with people’s visits and the issued cards reaching the hands of vehicle owners, and now there are about 300 thousand cards There is fuel in the stalls of the post office, which requires the applicants to go to the post offices of their region to follow up on the issued cards.

Regarding the online fuel card application registration system, Salari Nasab said: This system will be launched and made available to the general public within 2 months at most, and with the launch of this system, there is no need to go to the police offices in person to register a request for the issuance of a card. There is no fuel and people can register and track this request online; However, 10+ police offices will also register requests and people will have the possibility to register their requests online or in person.

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