Africans; Historical Victims of Systematic Racial Discrimination in Israel/Exclusive Report – rahnam

According to the Arabic site of the rahnam news agency, the release of pictures of the September clashes between Eritrean refugees and the Israeli police in Tel Aviv once again raised concerns about the institutionalization of racial discrimination in this regime.


The published images and video clips of the refugees show scenes where the refugees throw stones at the police with clubs, while the police officers are roaming the streets with guns in their hands and firing tear gas at them. They throw at the protesters and arrest everyone they can.

In the 1950s, the occupying regime resettled North African Jews in the Wadi al-Salib neighborhood, from where the Palestinians had been expelled. Today, this neighborhood is a clear example of the impact of Zionist racism in ignoring the rights of Eastern Jews, especially Africans.

Osama Barham; In a conversation with a reporter of rahnam in the West Bank, an expert on Israel issues said: Racial discrimination can also be seen in the political structure of the Zionist regime, which has been strengthened by the coming to power of the extreme rightists under the leadership of Netanyahu.

Many interpret the demonstrations led by African Jews in the occupied territories under the “Black Panther” movement; a protest movement in Israel, consisting of the second generation of Spanish and Middle Eastern immigrants; Most of its members were from Africa. The movement strives to raise public awareness of Israel’s social issues and racial discrimination against eastern immigrants, and to include it in the programs of Israel’s official institutions. The name of this movement is taken from a protest movement in America led by black people.

The flood of crimes and various forms of racial discrimination in Israel has brought terror to the homes and neighborhoods of Africans and even Arabs, especially as the security and judicial system of Israel shows its inefficiency against this phenomenon that has been created in recent years and this year as well. has reached its peak and is still increasing, it has revealed; A fact that leaves the door open to many questions regarding the future of apartheid in Israel.

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