the condition of the capital market returning to normal; The disharmony of banks should be resolved – rahnam

In an interview with rahnam news agency’s economic reporter, Mehrdad Guderzund Chegini said about the Parliament’s actions in the budget bill 1403 to improve the capital market situation: One of the problems is the imbalance of the budget, so it should be possible to define the reliable sources for the budget, as well as the required sources of the banks. directed in such a way that the balance of the banks does not go to the negative side. In this case, it can be expected that part of the problems of the capital market will be solved.

3 influential variables

He explained: If there is a proper design to resolve the imbalance of banks, prevent tax evasion and oil export, not only we do not have an imbalance in the budget, but we can help the capital market to return to its routine.

This member of the Parliament’s Program and Budget Committee reminded: Resolving the dissatisfaction of the banks helps to improve the capital market, because bank resources are one of the resources of the capital market, so when brokers are removed from banks and they become profitable, it automatically helps the market. It becomes capital.

Agility of the economy

He continued: Banks are one side of the capital market and should be in the capital market in their main mission. The other part is related to the large companies under the government, which should help the country’s economy while making it agile.

In conclusion, Guderzund stated: If the government’s forecast in the next year’s budget bill is defined in this direction, we can expect the improvement of the capital market, of course, otherwise, the parliament will complete the bill.

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