The beginning of wage challenges for workers in the last months of the year – rahnam

According to the economic correspondent of rahnam news agency, the government has announced an 18% increase in the salaries of employees in the 1403 budget proposal. This is while the official authorities declare the inflation rate to be more than 40%. Every year, when determining the wages of workers, the increase in the salary of employees is the criterion of work, which has been criticized by the labor community for years, because workers believe that the amount of benefits that employees receive Not comparable to workers.

* The beginning of the great challenge for the workers

Mohsen Bagheri, the representative of the workers in the Supreme Labor Council, said in an interview: The proposal to increase wages by 20% in the 1403 budget shows that the government insists on its previous practice.

He continued: Probably, like last year, the increase in the percentage of employees’ salaries will affect the determination of the minimum salaries of the workers, and this is the beginning of a very big challenge for the workers.

He added: “Last year, the government bargained on the same salary approved in the budget law for the minimum salary of workers and forced us to sign that imposed salary.”

* The Parliament does not accept the salary increase proposed by the government

On the other hand, Kamal Hosseinpour, a representative of the people of Piranshahr and Sardasht and a member of the Parliament’s Civil Commission, criticized the government’s proposed rate of salary increase for government employees and retirees (18 and 20 percent), and wrote on his Twitter:

The annual salary increase of employees working in executive bodies, retirees, officials and pensioners should be proportional to the annual inflation rate. As a member of the 1403 Budget Consolidation Commission, I warn the government that the gap between the inflation rate and the salary increase will make people poorer. The parliament will never accept this issue.

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