Netanyahu’s cabinet is moving further towards the crisis / the possibility of the collapse of the ruling coalition intensified – rahnam

According to the Hebrew group of rahnam news agency, Ma’ariv newspaper wrote in this regard, Ben Guer wrote in a tweet: Stopping the war will be equal to the fall of the cabinet.

Several Hebrew-language media also announced that the Utsama Judaism party led by Ben Guer announced tonight that if an agreement is reached to end the war, all six Knesset members of this party will leave the coalition.

In the meantime, Haaretz newspaper, in an analysis published this evening, announced that Netanyahu, who is being pressured by Biden on the one hand and members of his coalition on the other hand, must determine the future of the war in the Gaza Strip.

According to this Hebrew media, in the coming days, Netanyahu will have to decide whether he really wants to re-enter a new round of war in the Gaza Strip, and for this he will also get the agreement of the United States, or he wants to do the same thing. Kurds have always done and reduced the intensity of the war to maintain their government.

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