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In a conversation with rahnam news agency’s economic reporter, Mohammad Hossein Asgari said about the reduction of the dividend payment period of stock issuers from 8 months to 4 months: One of the most important decisions made by the Board of Directors of the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization in Bahman 1401 was the amendment of the company’s model statutes. And there were publishers accepted in the stock exchange and over the counter, in which the deadline for depositing profits for shareholders was reduced from 8 months to 4 months.

An important event for shareholders

This capital market expert emphasized that before the announcement of this decree, many companies used to pay dividends within 8 months, and said: According to the commercial law, the deadline for holding the annual general meeting of companies is 4 months after the end of the financial year. Therefore, in many cases, the payment of cash dividends distributed in the assemblies reached the shareholders up to 12 months after the end of the financial year.

The positive consequence of reducing the interest deposit time

Stating that 12 months was a very long period and the shareholders’ cash dividends reached them with a significant delay, Asgari continued: Considering the inflation in the country and the discussion of the time value of money, sometimes this caused incentives for long-term shareholders. decrease so that in some cases, people sold their shares before holding the assembly and bought them after reopening, which caused the shareholders to focus only on the increase in the stock price (Capital gain) and marginalization of profit. Cash was distributed in assemblies.

The correct decision of the stock exchange organization

Emphasizing that the right decision of the Securities and Exchange Organization regarding reducing the time for publishers’ dividend payment had a positive effect, he said: “Also, the obligation of publishers to deposit dividends through SEJAM was another positive measure that, in addition to creating unity of publishers in The payment of cash dividends to the assemblies caused the avoidance of the tasteful performance of the publishers and the wandering of the shareholders from referring to different banks or the stock affairs units of the publishers.

The importance of long-term investment

Asgari listed the increase in motivation of shareholders for long-term investment in the capital market as a positive result of the decision of the Stock Exchange and Securities Organization and clarified: with these two measures, in addition to the fact that shareholders reinvest their received cash profits in the capital market earlier than before, We can see the market booming again and directing liquidity towards the capital market.

Greater prosperity of the capital market

In the end, the capital market expert stated: With this measure, in addition to encouraging small and real shareholders to make long-term investments, financial resources from the distributed profits of publishers will be injected into companies and investment funds in the shortest possible time, and considering the nature of these companies, Early injection of resources and their reinvestment will make the capital market more prosperous.

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