Bahadri Jahormi: Parand subway will be opened this weekend – rahnam

According to the reporter of rahnam news agency’s government field, Ali Bahadri Jahormi, the government spokesman, in a press conference with reporters, which was held in the presence of Daud Manzoor, the head of the Program and Budget Organization, during his words of condolence for the Fatimid days and commemorating Navy Day, said: “Recently, I witnessed the addition of a ship We were at the naval complex in the north of the country, where we congratulate these dear ones again.

He added: Parand metro station will be opened at the end of this week. This project was launched about 18 years ago and it is one of the parts of the movement to complete the half-finished projects that is on the agenda. 500,000 people live in Parand city, which will help to meet the demands of the people of this city to facilitate their commuting.

The spokesperson of the government further said: Also, last year’s order of the president for dredging Gorgan Bay was realized and operational and the first stage of this operation was carried out. The water transfer route from the Caspian Sea to Gorgan Bay has been facilitated and put into initial use, and with the possibility of this water extraction, the exploitation of the environment of that area will be done with the future visit of the president. Preventing the creation of dust centers, preserving the life of fish and migratory birds, and also the possibility of cruise ships will be among the benefits of this measure.

Bahadri Jahormi stated: This week we saw the start of the second phase of Imam Khomeini Airport with the participation of a foreign party worth 2.5 billion dollars. .

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